Write a book for your fairy!

A book for your fairy! A book for your fairy! (516 KB)

What you need:

1 A4 page of white paper

1 page of ruled paper

Your imagination

A glue stick

An A6 piece of coloured card

Some stickers for decoration

A pen

A scissors (make sure you have a grown-up with you!)


Step 1:

First, you need to write the book! Write a story, just a few sentences long, on the ruled paper as rough work. You will be writing it into your book at
the end.


Step 2:

Fold the A4 page in half (long ways) and in half again and then open it up and cut along the folds so that you have four long strips of paper.


Step 3:

Fold one of the strips in half, and half again, and half again and then open it out. Refold it along the folds in a zig-zag. Do this with all four pieces.



Step 4:

Glue each zig-zag to each other to make one very long zig-zag! If you hold one side, you will see the blank pages of your book.


Step 5:

Fold the coloured card in half (long ways) and cut along the fold. Wrap one piece around the pages and trim it so it is big enough to be the book cover.
Glue the spine inside and one of the long sides of the pages and stick them together.


Step 6:

Write the title of your story on the cover and decorate it – our book is about a fairy called Wander!

Step 7:

Finally, write your story in the book. You might only be able to fit a few words a page but that’s perfect! When you are finished, leave it at your fairy’s
door for them to read!


Fairy Book of Names