Make & Do: Fairy Sized Chest of Drawers!

It is officially Spring time in Fairy Valley! The flowers are sprouting, the days are longer and the sunshine feels that little bit warmer! Spring is also
the season when fairies love to get organised and do some Spring cleaning behind their fairy door! What better surprise to make for your fairy than
a chest of drawers – the perfect fairy household staple!    


You will need:

2 empty match boxes

White paper


6 Beads



Step one: Glue your two match boxes together.


Step two: Wrap white paper around both boxes and glue to keep it secure.


Step three: Add two beads to the drawers. Then paint white and add whatever design you think your fairy would like best!


Step four: Add one bead on each corner underneath the boxes to make it stand up.


All that is left to do then is to leave some of your fairy’s favourite things in his/her drawer by their door! Your little winged friend will be delighted
when they see what you have made for them!

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