A Fairy Big Easter Surprise!

Katie loved her fairy Willow.

Willow had moved into Katie’s home on one clear, cool Easter night, which was also Katie’s seventh birthday. Katie would often remember sitting with her
Mum, Dad and older brother Jack on the floor of her bedroom, as they signed the Family/Fairy Lease Agreement. This very special document had to be
signed by all of the members of a family before a fairy could be sent from Fairy Valley to live with them.

Katie’s brother Jack wasn’t too happy about it. He was the kind of big brother who liked to seem very cool, and to him, fairies were definitely not cool.

“Mum! Do I have to?” Jack huffed and puffed.

“Yes, Jack dear”, said their Mum. “It says everyone in the family has to sign, son”, said their Dad, handing him the pen.

“Ugh, fine”, Jack said, and scrawled his name on the Lease Agreement.

“Yay!”, Katie had said. “Now what happens?”

“Well, we leave the magical key out tonight, and if it’s gone in the morning, we know our new fairy has arrived and moved in”, said Katie’s Mum. Her Dad
joked “I hope this fairy won’t cost me too much to look after!”

“No Dad”, laughed Katie. “I read they just need one raisin every few days, I think we can stretch to that!”

The next morning, Katie was so very excited when she saw that the key was gone – because she knew her magical friend had moved in!

She ran out of her room shouting “She’s here! Willow’s here!”

Katie’s Mum came out of her bedroom and excitedly gave her a hug. Her Dad did too. Jack, however, had decided not to get out of his bed.

“Could you keep it down out there?” he groaned. “I’m trying to sleep!”

Over the next days and weeks and months, Katie got to know her fairy Willow very well. She would leave notes outside her fairy door and was so excited
when she received one back. Katie knew that fairies’ hands are very small, so writing back can take a while. She didn’t mind waiting, because it made
it even more exciting when a new note appeared.

She would always tell Jack when she had received a new note. “Oh really?” he would reply, sounding disinterested. “Good for you, I suppose.”

“Why don’t you care about Willow, Jack?” asked Katie. “She cares about you! She looks after everyone in our family!”

Jack would just roll his eyes, put his headphones back on, and return to playing his favourite computer game.

This continued for the next few months and over Christmas. Before long, Katie’s eighth birthday was coming up and she was excited because it meant Willow
had been part of her family for a whole year.

“It’s Willow’s fairyversary soon”, Katie said excitedly over breakfast one day.

“That’s true, love”, said her Mum. “But it’s your birthday soon too – and Easter!”

“Fairyversary – I like it”, smiled Katie’s Dad.

Jack seemed like he wasn’t even listening.

On the day before Easter Sunday – and her eighth birthday – Katie wrote a note to Willow which read: ‘Hello Willow, Happy Easter! And happy fairyversary
too!! A whole year of you living with us, I’m so glad you became part of our family. I love you and so do my Mum and Dad. Sorry about Jack. Lots of
love and speak to you soon. Love, Katie’

The next morning, Katie woke up and as she always did, she checked Willow’s door. She didn’t expect to get a note back so soon and was absolutely amazed
to find not just a note, but a card! It was the teeniest tiniest birthday card she had ever received.

Katie opened the card and read it out loud. It said ‘Hi Katie! Happy Birthday! You look after me so well and I couldn’t ever wish for a better human. I
love your whole family too of course, and that includes Jack! I have been enjoying watching your dreams lately. They are always so much fun, just like
you! I hope you have a fantastic day. Love, Willow. PS Check your top drawer.’

Katie opened her top drawer and found a tiny chocolate egg on a little plate with a note saying ‘Check the bottom of the stairs’. Katie found a little
egg there, too, with another note!

The notes led Katie all over the house, looking for chocolate eggs as she followed Willow’s clues. It was the most fun birthday (and Easter!) she’d
had for a long time.

Eventually, she ended up with lots of little chocolate eggs. ‘Yummy’, she thought to herself. She was going to eat them all up right away, but then thought
to herself ‘It’s always better to share’, so set about delivering the eggs to her family. She gave some to her Mum who was doing a crossword puzzle
at the kitchen table and who gave her a great big cuddle and kiss for her birthday, and then she gave some to her Dad, who was mowing the lawn – and
who did the same.

Next, she left one outside Willow’s door, and then peeked into Jack’s room. He was still asleep, so she left some of the eggs on his bedside table.

Katie was about to leave when she noticed a piece of paper sticking out from under the table. She thought it was a note that she had left for Willow as
it was the same size. ‘It must have blown into Jack’s room’ she thought as she picked it up.

The note read: ‘Hi Willow, it’s Jack here. I hope you find this while you’re flying around our house. I just want to say sorry for pretending not to think
you’re cool. Thanks for looking after my sister so well. She’s actually quite cool as well, although I would never tell her that! Anyway Happy Fairyversary.
I’m glad you came to live with us. From Jack’

Katie smiled the biggest smile and put the note back where she found it, making a mental note to tell Willow to check under Jack’s bedside table. She whispered
‘I think you’re cool too’ to her big brother and tiptoed out of the room.

Later that day, as she blew out the candles on her birthday cake, Katie thought to herself how lucky she was to have the best family – and fairy – she
could ever wish for.

The End

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