For Your Parents


Bring some magic into your home with a fairy of your very own!

At the beginning of this journey we were determined to do one thing and that was to ‘slow down’ the fast paced screen life our children were now growing up in. We were not ignorant to the fact that our little people are part of a cyber age but we desperately wanted to balance their experiences so that they could search online for inspiration but also in their own little minds. We wanted to bring back impactful play, go right back to grass roots, to the way we used to play when we were children…

That was why, when The International Fairy Council approached us with an offer to help find human homes for fairies, it seemed the perfect opportunity had presented itself! Of course we agreed straight away and once the ink on the fairy contract was dry we set to work.

We firmly believe all children deserve a fairy door which is not only a door for your fairy to live behind in your home, but a gateway to endless imaginative play.

Why it works?

Having a fairy come live with you is a journey, a family experience where lasting memories are made. As parents to little believers, we love when the fairies write back to our children, to see the wonder and excitement in their eyes; to see their imagination ignite right in front of us is beyond special. Every child is born with an imagination, some using theirs more than others. Having a magical friend helps the child to rediscover the power of their own imagination which is absolutely limitless!

Fairy doors work for anyone and everyone – the concept is simple! Select your fairy door, choose a place to put it, register online (so we can alert Fairy Valley and get your fairy all ready to go!) leave out the magic key and in the morning when the key has disappeared, you know your fairy has arrived! Fairies are well trained in Fairy School so when they arrive they know to look for their door, collect their key and move straight in. Fairies cannot be seen by human eyes as they would lose a teeny tiny bit of their magic each time so older children are encouraged to get to know their fairies through writing short notes and reading the responses they receive. For our younger believers, fairies also love to have a picture drawn especially for them or a treat (maybe a raisin or cheerio) from their favourite humans.

These are just some of the benefits of having a fairy come and live with you:

  • Self-expression – children are encouraged to make up stories and draw pictures for their fairies
  • Language skills – developed through note-writing and reading with family
  • Recognition – fairies love to praise and let their humans know how proud they are of their everyday hard work and achievements
  • Support – fairies have often been very supportive of lessons when a message is being delivered e.g. “I love it when your room is nice and tidy! It’s makes it much easier for me to come in and out through my door!’
  • Make and do – we provide weekly updates, some of which are make and do activities. Once you register your fairy, you receive a weekly email to help the whole family keep the magic flowing easily
  • Emotional topics – fairies are amazing at taking worries away and sometimes even help to grant wishes!



Our Fairy Friends, along with looking like a very normal soft toy, are actually infused with a very special magic! Not so long ago, an idea was formed in Fairy Valley to help humans make contact with their fairies. We all know that a human cannot see, talk to or touch their fairy as it would mean the fairy would lose a little of their magic but what if there was a way to send a hug to your fairy?

Well. after a lot of hard work the fairy scientists have developed a magic which can do just that! Inside each of our four Fairy Friends is a little bit of this special magic. So how does it work? It’s really very simple…

Before going to bed, hold your Fairy Friend close, giving him or her lots of love and hugs. Then, when you are fast asleep your fairy will be drawn to your Fairy Friend. Fairies snuggle into the ‘Friend’ and stay there for a really long time watching your dreams and enjoying being so close to their humans. In the morning when you wake up, hold your Fairy Friend close to your face and the magic will begin: you will feel a small warm patch where your fairy had been. This is your fairy sending you a very special magical hug back!


The Worry Plaque is the answer if you have a little worrier in your life. Banish your worries, gone forever with a simple touch.

We all know a little person, wise beyond their years who holds onto things that worry or concern them for no reason. Well, the fairy scientists have come up with some new technology that allows little people to give all their worries away to the fairies. Simply lay your hand on the Worry Plaque, and think of the worry you would like to give away. The Worry Plaque will light up red when the fairies hear your worry and will turn green when they have taken the worry away.

Fairies take the energy used in worrying and change it to positive energy which they then use to grant wishes for a child somewhere else in the world.

(For indoor use only.)