The Fairy Who Forgot Her Human’s Tooth!


The Fairy Who Forgot Her Human’s Tooth!

Fairy Nimbles pulled her tiny fairy duvet up close to her chin and wrapped it tightly around her, smiling to herself as she recalled everything she had
gotten up to that night while doing her fairy duties. It had been a busy night: her human Sarah had left her a picture and a lovely big juicy raisin.
Nimbles smiled to herself remembering how delicious the raisin had tasted. She had eaten it all while she wrote Sarah a note.

It was close to the time her human family would be getting up as Nimbles yawned exhaustedly, pleased she was doing such a great job. As she ticked off
all her jobs in her fairy mind she bolted upright in her bed. Suddenly she realised: she had forgotten to collect Sarah’s tooth! Nimbles sprang from
her little bed and saw Sarah’s shiny coin covering her entire kitchen table! How had she forgotten?! She pulled the coin into her arms and rushed to
her front door. As she pulled the fairy door open, she heard Sarah’s voice:

“Mom, Nimbles didn’t collect my tooth!” Sarah said. Nimbles closed the door quickly so she wouldn’t be spotted by the humans and lay her back against it.
Her little fairy heart sank down to her feet. She listened to Sarah asking her mother why her tooth had not been collected.

“She must have been busy, darling” Sarah’s Mom explained. “Perhaps she just forgot. I’m sure she will collect it tonight.”

“But she never forgets” Sarah replied, feeling sadder than she had felt in a long time.

“We all get too busy sometimes Sarah, even fairies! Look, she ate her raisin and left you a Thank You note” Sarah’s Mom said, reassuringly. Nimbles listened
to them talking, all the while feeling more and more sad. Large tears filled her tiny fairy eyes. She just felt completely miserable.

Nimbles had never forgotten to do something before. How could she let her human down so badly? She walked over to her little kitchen table and as she dropped
the heavy coin onto it and gave in to how she was feeling, Nimbles crumpled to her kitchen floor and sobbed.

Some time later, Nimbles heard the front door close as the family left for the day. Exhausted and emotional, she curled up on her small fairy armchair
and cried herself asleep. When she woke, she noticed another fairy in her kitchen making nettle tea. Nimbles blinked in disbelief as she watched Queen
Kate pouring tea into two teacups on the kitchen table. Nimbles stood up

“Hello Nimbles” Queen Kate smiled as Nimbles slowly made her way over. She felt so nervous and trembled as another tear fell from her fairy eye.

“Now now,” Queen Kate whispered. “All is not lost.” She smiled warmly at Nimbles who could barely see through her fairy tears “It really can happen to
any fairy! I know a fairy called Douggie who had a very similar experience not so long ago, so don’t fret.”

“But, but…” Nimbles struggled for words. Queen Kate lay her hand on Nimbles’s.

“You are making your human Sarah very happy Nimbles” she said, with a warm smile. “Her belief on the Magic-O-Meter is at an all-time high! And that, my
friend, is because of you” Nimbles sniffed and let a small smile break through on her tiny face.

“Humans believing in us keeps us strong and healthy Nimbles”, Queen Kate continued. “This is why house fairies are so very important. I often wonder are
we asking fairies to do too much in their human homes because I know sometimes duties get forgotten simply because there is so much to do. You may
have Fairy Fatigue… there is a lovely fairy called Oliver who could pay you a visit and help-”

Nimbles started babbling. “Oh no Queen Kate I don’t have too much to do, I just forgot and then I remembered and then it was too late and Sarah saw I forgot
her tooth and now she is miserable and the Magic-O-Meter is probably at an all-time low!”

Queen Kate smiled and with a wink said “Let’s see.” With that, she removed a small square of cardboard from her sparkling coat and laid it on the table.
With a flick of her wand, the cardboard began to grow into a fairy sized TV. Nimbles was amazed! Twisting the dials, Queen Kate muttered to herself
until an image of Sarah at school appeared on the screen. There was a digital display beside her, flickering with some details Nimbles didn’t understand.



“This is your human Sarah, is that correct?” Queen Kate asked and Nimbles nodded, enchanted by the TV. “And her belief is 9.6 out of 10” Queen Kate said
as she touched the screen to change the digital display. “Last night she measured… 9.8 – so you see she is far from critical Nimbles! She is
a little disappointed but her belief is strong, and the disappointment something we can fix.” Queen Kate tapped the TV with her wand and it collapsed
into a tiny square of cardboard again which she placed into her pocket.

“Gadgets these days” she laughed. “What will the Fairy Discovery Centre come up with next?!” Queen Kate laughed as she sat down. “So, Nimbles, what can
we do to make everything right?” she asked softly. Before they knew it, Queen Kate and Nimbles had made a plan for exactly how to make it up to Sarah
that night.

Just before Queen Kate left, she turned to Nimbles. “Without house fairies like you Nimbles all fairies would live secretly. You bring magic and wonder
to human children’s lives which is so important to all fairies, everywhere. Sometimes I forget to stop and say thank you because without fairies like
you, Nimbles, we wouldn’t have a purpose. So thank you.” Queen Kate gave Nimbles a great big hug and flew out the door and away.That night, long after
Sarah had fallen asleep, Nimbles took the coin and left it where the tooth had been. Tucking the tooth safely inside her bag, Nimbles left Sarah a
note, which read:

“I’m sorry I forgot but sometimes I get so busy, important things don’t get done. I am so happy to be your fairy and I will do my best not to forget things
again. Love Nimbles”



Beside her note, Nimbles left a sparkly bracelet. Nimbles had found it one night while flying around and realised immediately that Sarah had lost it, so
kept it safe for her. Nimbles knew it was her favourite… and how did she know that?

Because your house fairy knows everything there is to know about you… after all, it’s their job!

Fairies pride themselves on the work they do, which is why the award ceremony at The Annual Fairy Gathering means so much to a house fairy. If you feel
your fairy does a great job looking after you, don’t forget to nominate them for an award. Keep an eye on your emails for all the details later this



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