Fairy Superstitions!

In the human world, Friday 13th is a day full of superstitions – and guess what, it’s the same for fairies! This week we managed to speak with fairy
Peggy. Peggy is one of the most senior fairies in Fairy Valley and Queen Kate suggested we chat with her when we were discussing human superstitions.
We just had to share with you what she told us about fairy superstitions:

1. The Postman: as fairies sleep all day, they rarely see a postman or woman, so to see one is very special indeed! If a fairy ever sees a postman
they close their eyes and count to five, after which they make a wish.

2. Toast: This one made us laugh! When a fairy finds toast lying around the kitchen they will fly down to it and walk around it anti-clockwise
once. Many fairies believe this helps the family they live with be happy and full of joy! They might leave little footprints in the toast, so keep
an eye out!

3. Toothbrush: sometimes your fairy will go to your bathroom and sit with your toothbrush. They can spend hours chatting with them, ensuring that
they are being used enough and doing their job when they are brushing your teeth. Your teeth are very precious to your fairy and they believe strongly
that a good, hard-working toothbrush is very important!

4. Fairies believe that cucumber is a bad omen! If they see cucumber left out on a kitchen worktop they believe it will mean that their night’s
work is going to be tough.

5. Socks: if a fairy sees a stray sock, they believe bad weather is on its way. Luckily most house fairies stay inside a great deal so bad weather
is not a problem but they will send alerts to Fairy Valley reporting their sighting and warning other fairies to be mindful of bad weather coming
their way.

6. Animals sneezing; fairies believe that if a pet sneezes this is a sign the fairy has forgotten to do something and their pet pal is trying to
tell them! There is nothing more worrying to a fairy than forgetting to do something. Luckily our new Mini Worry Plaque from our No More Worries
Kit is not only completely portable for humans but it’s fairy-sized too! So perhaps our little fairy friends can use it while their human sleeps
rather than worrying unnecessarily.

7. Fairies also believe that if they hear a loud snap sound, good luck is on the way for them. These noises, Peggy told us, come from Christmas
crackers or party poppers which are obviously not that loud to us but to a fairy it’s very loud indeed!

Lastly and by far our favourite fairy superstition is this:

8. Crooked pictures: fairies believe that if a picture is hanging crooked close to their door it’s a sign their human loves them very much. So
maybe you could do this for your fairy to let them know you love them! The picture must be normally straight for the fairy to suddenly notice it
is crooked. So maybe there is a picture close to your fairy door that you could make a little crooked tonight just to let your fairy friend know
how much you care.


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