An Easter Gift

Easter Gift Easter Gift (595 KB)

It’s Easter time! We know lots of you like to enjoy some yummy treats and egg hunts at this time of year, but we would like you all to spare a thought
for your fairies.

Just like Christmas time when the fairies help Santa, our little fairy friends will also be helping out the Easter Bunny, making sure children around the
world receive their Easter treats.

This got us thinking…

Our fairies here in Fairy HQ work so hard all night long just like your fairies do at home so it would be nice if we made them a little fairy Easter gift.
We decided to write each fairy their very own acrostic poem.

An acrostic is a kind of poem or puzzle where each letter of a word can stand for a new word or sentence.

Here’s an example of one we made for our fairy here in HQ called Benny:


B – is for Brilliant, which our Benny is

E – is for Extra, for the effort he gives

N – is for Never, which is how often he’s late

N – is for Nothing, which he what’s left over on his plate after each meal

Y – is for the Years of endless fun he brings.


We also left him out two big, chocolate covered raisins.

We love to give our fairies little gifts as they are always surprising us with treats every now and then.

Why don’t you have a go at writing your own Acrostic poem for your fairy using the letters of their name! Send us your poem or even a photo of it to enter
our Easter Competition, where you can win a one-of-a-kind Easter Fairy Door along with some other chocolate treats and fairy goodies too!

Send your entries to [email protected] and we will be in touch with the winner via email.

Good Luck everyone and Happy Easter!


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