Venetia’s Valley Whispers #2

Hey there, everyone! Venetia here, roving reporter for The Fairy Valley Times and the best-connected fairy in the Valley (if I do say so myself)! If it’s
happening in Fairy Valley, you can bet your left wing I will know about it – and I’m here to fill you in on all the latest goings-on. Read on to get
the exclusive scoop…!

Happiness Overload??

As everyone knows, Fairy Valley is probably the happiest place ever, but lately my sources have been suggesting the magical creatures of the Valley are
even more happy than ever! I sat down with fairy Flicker recently – as you may know, Flicker has a special gift for sensing emotions, and she was more
than happy to fill me in as we chatted over some nettle tea in Calista’s Cloud Café earlier this week.


“Well it was really rather strange”, Flicker says, as she sips a fresh cup. “I thought my emotion sensors might be on the blink, as from time to time I
do notice a little tiny drop of nervousness or sadness, like when Sidney the slug was a bit upset about not being able to fly not so long ago.” (Regular
readers of this column will remember my emotional interview with Sidney!)

“Well, recently I’ve been feeling nothing but excitement and happiness, and I think it’s because everyone in the Valley is so pleased that so many humans
are giving us loving homes! You see, when fairies come back to visit their friends in Fairy Valley they are bringing with them so much love and happiness
from their new homes and that’s making everyone else even happier!” Flicker smiles as she gazes out of the window, and just at that moment, Sidney
the slug himself glides by with a huge grin on his face, being carried by his fairy friends. I smile to myself too as I fly out of the Café…
the kind of funny, magical coincidence that can only happen here in the Valley!


What Everyone’s Asking This Week!

Just what has Nordman been putting in his hair? The very friendly giant of the Valley and guardian of the Family Tree (where all fairies come from) has
been looking very dapper recently and many fairies want to know the secret behind his voluminous, shiny mane. Well, my sources tell me it might have
something to do with the brand new fly-in hair salon Styles’n’Smiles on Lavender Lane but I’m not so sure – how could he fit in a fairy-sized chair?!
I’ll be sure to ask the big man himself next time I see him.


EXCLUSIVE: Pixie speaks out!

You might have heard the rumours recently that Fairy Valley’s most popular band Pixie & The Pepperpots were on the brink of breaking up – well, of
course I had to find out the truth! My good friend Pixie called me at The Fairy Valley Times office this week to fill me in. “You know, after our last
album ‘Toe-Tappin’ Toadstool Tunes’ went to Number One and stayed there for 15 weeks, we all looked at each other and thought ‘How can we ever top
this?’ We’re just going to take a little bit of time to work on solo projects for a while. I know Pipple wanted to take a break from playing bass,
so he’s going to follow his other passion, which is to volunteer at the Hugs-4-Bugs stand. He’s always felt very strongly about how much all bugs need
a hug, and of course we all respect that and wish him well.”

As for when we will see Pixie & The Pepperpots back onstage together again? Of course, Pixie gave me the scoop! “At the moment, we’re planning to reunite
for the next Fairy Gathering in November! It’s always such a special night and we wouldn’t miss it for the world. And in the meantime, my solo single
‘Raisin On A Rainbow’ is out next week. I hope all my fans love it!”

Well there you have it – direct from Pixie herself!


Return of The Force!

I’ve just received some very exciting news! It seems that the bravest fairies around will be paying us all a visit very soon… Yes, that’s right
– Bud, Serene, Stretch and Mist aka The Fairy Force are coming back to Fairy Valley! As you know, The Fairy Force is an amazing team of fairies who
travel all over the world, helping house fairies who are finding it difficult to blow away their humans’ bad dream breezes. No bad dream breeze is
too tough for The Fairy Force to blow away – their 100% record is still intact and they continue to make Queen Kate and every fairy very proud. So
many human children wake up to see a little ‘FF’ on their window, so they know the Force have helped them!

Well, get this: I can reveal they’re going to take some time to come back to Fairy Valley for a special Homecoming! Save the date: it’s Saturday February
11th! I’m sure the whole Valley and lots of house fairies around the world would love to come to see them, if their humans let them know
when it’s happening. Hopefully they will!


Who owns the lost key?

My final whisper for this week is a bit of a mystery: everyone is wondering who owns the magical key that was found by the Heart-Shaped Lake earlier this
week. All the locks in Fairy Valley have been checked and it doesn’t work on any of them, so my sources are convinced that it’s a house fairy key that
must have dropped on a fairy’s recent visit!

So we must assume there is a house fairy somewhere in the world who can’t get into their door – maybe their humans have noticed fairy dust in some unexpected
places in their home where their fairy has been hiding, or they might even see extra splashes around their sink from where they have been having a
shower under their tap! Whoever it is, I hope they receive the message that the key was handed into Calista’s Cloud Café and they can come back to
the Valley to collect it… fairy fingers crossed!


Well that’s it from me for another week guys! Thanks for reading, and remember – if it’s happening in Fairy Valley, you’ll find out about it right here
in Venetia’s Valley Whispers!

Lots of love,

V xoxo


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