Through The Fairy Door – Meet the magical character

Meet the magical characters!

Have you seen our new series yet? It’s called ‘Through The Fairy Door’ and you can watch all of the episodes so far RIGHT NOW on our YouTube channel!

Let’s find out a bit more about the magical characters:


Strengths: Bright and cheerful

Magical skill: Nature Enhancement (power to grow or bring life back to plants)

Quirk: Forgetfulness

Ruby is happy, bright, sunny and optimistic, which is what one might expect of a fairy. Spending a bit of time with her will put a spring in your step.
When you’re feeling down, Ruby is the one to cheer you up.

When something bad happens, or a seemingly insurmountable challenge arises, the other fairies look to Ruby – not because she’ll have a solution, but
to gauge whether or not this is finally the thing that gets her down. So far nothing has phased her.

Ruby is also overly blunt (she would say honesty is the best policy!) BUT at least she’ll tell you that your feet smell like a troll’s armpit with
a smile on her face, which makes it difficult to stay mad at her for long. She’s also very good at changing the subject and making you forget what
you were talking about, not for any reason other than she’s easily distracted by everything. It goes a little like – “Oh, you locked your fairy door
and can’t find the key and it’s about to rain sideways and no one has a toadstool to stand under? Ooh! Just imagine the front row seats we’ll have
for the rainbow show after the storm. Hey, is that a wish slug? Hm. Did I leave my oven on?”

Ruby has a terrible memory and is apt to forget most of what you’ve told her which makes her an excellent secret keeper, and not so great at remembering
birthdays, and most other things.


Strengths: Loving and loyal

Magical skill: Energy Projection

Quirk: Hungry all the time 

Boo is an inventor. He thinks of himself as “just a tinkerer” because he loves to dabble and doodle, take things apart and put them back together. But
Boo isn’t “just” anything – he’s a masterful engineer. There’s barely a moment that goes by that Boo isn’t asking someone if they have a ball of yarn,
a squirt of glue, or a party horn. And a button. And a slice of toast with dream cheese and rainbow sprinkles – not for his invention, for his stomach.
Because he’s hungry. All. The. Time.

The only thing that comes close to rivalling Boo’s insatiable appetite is his skittishness. Boo is afraid of a lot of things, including being hungry. Which
is why he builds things – gadgets to procure food, but also inventions to keep the fairies safe from potential danger. Boo doesn’t think much of the
things he builds, but the other fairies are constantly in awe of what he creates. Add a little fairy magic to one of Boo’s inventions and suddenly
you have a pair of glasses that can see into the future! Boo hasn’t invented those yet, but having just tested out his time travelling pants, he now
knows that he will!

Loving, loyal and sensitive, Boo has a lot of friends. He’s also naïve and easily manipulated making each one of those friends extremely protective of
him. They adore him, they just wish he’d stop asking so many questions.


Strong and empowering

Magical skill: Enhanced senses

Quirk: Suffers from IHS (Instantaneous Hibernation Syndrome) 

One of the million things Hope knows for sure is that she knows everything there is to know about everything. Hope is intelligent, diligent, resilient
and extremely well organized, and is involved in all the fairy extra-curricular activities, including the Toadstool Crusaders, the Aqua Pod Lilypads,
the Fairy Flyers, and the Fairy Dust Preservation Committee.

Hope is a champion of the little guy (meaning everyone, since all fairies are small) and fights for any and all causes. She is a leader and perfectionist
who will go above and beyond, not because she’s the most generous fairy in the world, but because she always needs to be the most successful. Everything
needs to be done her way – it’s either Hope’s way or the flyway.

With everything that Hope has going on, one might wonder how this girl sleeps! Except that the fairies don’t have to wonder, because Hope suffers from
IHS – Instantaneous Hibernation Syndrome, a disorder that has Hope fall fast asleep wherever it strikes her. Hope will be in the middle of a prolific
speech, or problem-solving an epic dilemma, or just about to cross the fairy finish line… when she passes out to catch a few Z’s. There’s no
saying how long Hope’s narcoleptic slumber will last, but one thing is for sure, when she wakes it’ll be followed by a deafening “Noooooooooooo!” as
she realizes she slept through X, Y and Z. Which actually happened once when she fell asleep while reciting the alphabet when she was little.

While Hope is training to be a fairy like everyone else, her true ambition is to be Queen Kate’s Chief Executive Presidential Assistant. 


Strengths: Kind and generous

Magical skill: Enhanced Intuition

Quirk: Secretly loves to dance 

There are a lot of words that could be used to describe Joy and happy is not one of them. So yes, Joy gets the irony of her name. In fact, she’s pretty
sure there must have been a mix-up when Nordman the Friendly Giant selected her name, or down at the DOFF (Department of Form Filling) when her name
was registered, because she’s quite certain only a royal mix-up could be responsible.

When it comes to Joy’s disposition she doesn’t mean to be negative, it’s just how she’s hard-wired to view the world. Some fairies see their glass as half
full, and… okay, so pretty much all fairies see their glass as half full (or overflowing with flower nectar with whipped cream and berries on
top, if you’re Ruby). But Joy sees her glass as half empty. She hasn’t been to the human world yet, but a Night Fairy’s job is to help children with
their problems and take their worries away, which means life in the human world isn’t all unicorns and glitter snow. So unless you own a pair of rose-coloured
glasses (Joy broke hers) life can be challenging – whether you’re a human or a fairy.

That said, below Joy’s surface, she really is a kind and generous fairy. Joy is a good fairy, who just isn’t into silver linings. Or petal dresses. Or
sparkly anything. But what she IS into is cute and cuddly animals. And unfortunately, when you’re Joy, fawning over an adorable bunny is very hard
to hide.
To Joy’s utter disbelieve she also loves to dance. When music comes on, she can’t help but bust a move.

Queen Kate

Strengths: Bright, cheerful, kind, generous, strong, empowering, loving and loyal
Magical Skills: All of them
Quirk: A very loud laugh

Queen Kate is the Queen of all the fairies, who is beloved and respected by everyone. She doesn’t live in a palace, but rather in a townhouse right in
the centre of the valley, along with everyone else. She is the leader of the International Fairy Council and, ultimately, makes all the decisions for
the fairies in Fairy Valley. Given she’s in charge of all Fairy Valley business (everything from twinkle light installation to flyway maintenance)
you’d think being Queen would take up all of Queen Kate’s waking hours, but somehow she has enough time to also be the Fairy School teacher. (Spoiler
alert: being Queen comes with a willow wand that multiples the hours in a day allowing her to do it all and make it look easy!) As an educator, Queen
Kate leads by example, and is supportive and nurturing. She believes that life experiences are the best lesson and that doing things wrong can be just
as valuable as doing them right, because it’s how we learn. She also understands that everyone learns in their own special way and at different speeds
which is why you graduate Fairy School when you graduate!


And of course we can’t forget the other two silly, funny magical creatures, who are always there to help the fairies or make them laugh! 

Shaking Snoozle

Spring Slug


Now that you know a little bit more about the characters, why not watch some of their magical adventures??! 







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