Make & Do: Fairy-Sized Tent!

Fairy Tent Fairy Tent (439 KB)

What you need:

5 skewers

Glue – and an adult to help of course!

Some felt/material of your choice

Piece of string

Your imagination!


Step 1: Glue the five skewers at the top making it into a star-like shape at the bottom as shown!


Step 2: Cut felt to the shape around the outside of the sticks and glue that onto your frame.


Step 3: Paint or decorate the felt on the tent any way you think your fairy will like! We tied a little ribbon around the top too for decoration.


Step 4: Cut a circle of any sort of fabric for the inside as a nice soft surface for them to sit on… we used wool!


That’s it! Your fairy’s tent is ready!!


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