Fairyvision Song Contest 2018!


Announcement: Fairyvision Song Contest 2018

Exciting news everyone! We are so happy to be able to announce that this year’s Fairyvision Song Contest will be taking place in Fairy Valley next Saturday
12th May! And after the huge success of last year, the International Fairy Council is again asking for humans all over the world to write a song for
their very own fairy to perform on the night. Last year’s winners, Alana & Sophia from Co. Donegal, Joshua from Vancouver and Beatrice from Co.
Cork, are still spoken about in Fairy Valley! Fairies all over cannot stop singing their songs!

If you would like to submit a song for your fairy, all you need to do is make one up and send us a video of you singing it! You can do this by sending
it via our Facebook page (just search for The Irish Fairy Door Company and you’ll find us!) either as a post or private message or you can email it
to [email protected]. All entries must be submitted by Wednesday 9th May. Please include the song title, the fairy’s name and their
human’s first name – we will be sharing some of our favourite entries!


– Songs MUST be original compositions written by each fairy’s human!

– Music is optional. If you would like to include an instrument, you may, but just you singing is absolutely fine too!

– Your song should be at least 30 seconds long but can be as long as you like after that! Bear in mind, the more lyrics there are the more challenging
it will be for your fairy to learn.

– Once you have written and submitted your song, you need to teach it to your fairy so please spend some time singing it into your fairy door so they can
learn it. Once or twice a day in the run-up to the competition would be ideal.

– All fairies whose humans submit a song will be performing in Fairy Valley on May 12th. Rehearsals take place the previous night, so please let your fairy
know they will need to leave your home on Thursday 10th May to get to Fairy Valley in time.

– The winner will be announced on our Facebook page and in the following Friday email once it has been decided. Exciting!







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