Where Do Fairies Come From?

A long time ago we told you all about a special tree, a tree which stands over 450 feet tall. It is from this tree that all magical beings come. Creatures
like fairies, nymphs, gnomes, pixies, unicorns and trolls all come from the same tree! Whether you’ve heard about this tree before or not, we’ve discovered
some new information about it which we’re very excited to share with you. You see, just on the very edge of Fairy Valley lies a plot of land where
nothing ever grew; no plants or flowers, no fruit or vegetables, nothing at all grew there except for the tallest tree that has ever been.

And this tree is called ‘The Family Tree’. It has more magic flowing through it than can be measured. Each magical family has a branch all of their very
own from which they are created. We have heard whispers that when belief grows in humans more creatures are created and we can now confirm it really
is true – the more you believe in magic, the more creatures are created to help keep that belief alive. It’s the circle of magical life!

We have also known for a long time that fairies are not the guardians of the tree, nor are unicorns, pixies, gnomes, trolls or nymphs.

In fact it is guarded by a very friendly giant named Nordman. Nordman lives among the roots at the bottom of The Family Tree and his only job is to protect,
nurture and guide new magical creatures. He has been doing this job since time began; nobody actually remembers a time when he was not the Tree Guardian.
He is singly the best-known being across every magical realm and that is because he is the first person every magical creature meets when they are
created. Nordman takes his job very seriously and has sworn an oath to protect all magical creatures forever. He is described as being ten feet tall,
with long black hair and a big black beard. He wears braces on his trousers and big black boots. His bright blue eyes twinkle when a new magical creature
is created. He hums to himself all day long an age-old giants’ song nobody but Nordman himself knows and he lives on his own but he’s never ever lonely.



We are told that when a new magical creature is about to awake, Nordman feels a warm rush down his right arm and his left palm gets really really itchy.
He is so connected with the magic of the tree and all its inhabitants he can tell when one is about to appear. Nordman lights a great fire in his sitting
room to make sure it’s warm and welcoming for the new arrival, often cooking each creature’s favourite meal to give them once they arrive. Nordman
also guards a special candle called the ‘Everlife Flame’.


This candle has been burning since the dawn of magic and has never gone out, not even once. Nordman told Queen Kate that there was a time the flame was
very dull when humans did not believe in magic but since then, the flame has been getting stronger and stronger. Queen Kate even saw the candle once:
she said the flame did not burn orange or red as she expected but rather pure, brilliant white. The candle itself looks like it is made from fairy

It shimmers and glitters all the time with every colour under the sun. Nordman keeps the Everlife Flame in a secret location within his home, knowing how
precious it is he must do his very best to keep it safe.

We were so intrigued to learn about Nordman and The Family Tree and we are really glad he never gets lonely.

Queen Kate mentioned to us that sometimes she brings him small treats and notes so if anyone would like to write Nordman a note or draw him a picture,
send it in to us here in Fairy HQ and we will send it straight to the Valley. Nordman is such a special giant who does so much for so many magical
creatures – we think it would be really nice to let him know that we all believe in him too!

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