Make & Do: Fairy Household Cleaning Items!

In many ways fairies and humans are very similar! Of course, us humans do not have wings and we cannot travel to Fairy Valley BUT it is very important
for humans to have tidy homes and it is no different for our little winged friends! Fairies all around the world are being encouraged to take some
time away from their usual duties like collecting teeth and keeping their human’s bad dreams away so that they can declutter their homes and start
fresh! After all, a clean space means a clear mind so let us show you how to make some miniature fairy household cleaning items which will make cleaning
up so much easier for your fairy friend!

What you need:

2 x old tooth brushes

3 x wooden skewers



Plastic Jam Container



1. Ask an adult to cut the tops off two old toothbrushes. (You will need one now and one for later!)


2. Cut two skewers to 4.5cm. Glue one skewer to the top of the toothbrush and this will make a sweeping brush!



3. Cut another skewer to 1.5cm and glue this to the side of the other toothbrush top.



4.Cut the empty jam container in half and then stick the remaining piece of the skewer on top of the container. This will be a dust pan and brush!



5.Cut off a few pieces of twine, wrap these around the 4.5cm skewer and with a longer piece of twine tie these into place to make a mop!



Once your mop is complete then you can leave all of your handmade household items outside your fairy’s door for them to find when they wake up! 



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