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Hello, my lovelies! Fairy Venetia back again with all the latest news from the most magical place in the world – Fairy Valley! A big shout-out to my
human readers, and of course to all of the fairies reading out there too. As always, if it’s happening in the Valley, you’ll find out about it
right here!

Now, let’s find out the latest Valley Whispers…

Fairyoke: the latest craze!

Well if you’ve been in Fairy Valley lately, you will have noticed that everywhere you turn, you hear fairies singing! Now of course, fairies have always
loved to sing, but more fairies than ever seem to be singing all around the Valley at the moment, and I was wondering why… well, as always, I
found out!

This year’s Fairyvision Song Contest was such a success that fairies all over the Valley, from Mushroom Mound to Lavender Lane, just can’t stop singing!
At the moment, as I sit here in Calista’s Cloud Cafe, I can hear at least five fairies humming different songs from the Fairyvision Grand Final.
A massive well done to all the humans who wrote such excellent songs!

But there’s another reason for the sudden increase in singing – fairyoke! It’s the latest craze sweeping the Valley, and this week I found out a little
bit more about it. You see, humans have something called karaoke, where they sing along to words on a screen. They really enjoy it, and recently
the fairies have found out about it and made their own version – fairyoke!

The only problem is, we fairies don’t have TV screens like the humans to read the words from! But all is not lost: I have noticed some fairies singing
from big yellow squares. What are these squares, you might be wondering? Well, they’re from the human world. Humans called them “Post-It Notes”
which seems like a strange name, but as we know, humans can be very strange creatures!

So, it seems some humans are writing out the lyrics to songs really really tiny on Post-It Notes, and that’s the way for fairies to do fairyoke!

If there are any humans reading this, why not try leaving out some lyrics for your fairy to sing? I know they will really appreciate it – and if you
listen closely to their fairy door, you might just hear them singing!

Fairy Fairground?!

There’s been a very exciting development in Fairy Valley this week – our resident friendly giant Nordman found a wheel which had rolled in from the
human world! Of course, whenever anything from the human world enters Fairy Valley, we all get a little bit nervous about the Valley possibly being
discovered, but thankfully no humans followed the wheel in!

Well, Nordman had an idea – what if he held the wheel in one hand and spun it with the other, with fairies inside? Wouldn’t that be fun? And the answer
is a massive YES! Klaus from the Fairy Discovery Centre made sure it was safe for all fairies to spin around in by adding special belts, and I
can confirm that this Big Wheel is one of the most fun things ever!! So many fairies have been enjoying it, but of course Nordman has to take breaks
every so often, as his hands get tired.

It got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have a Fairy Fairground in Fairy Valley??? I’m not sure what else could go inside the fairground, so if
any humans reading this have any ideas, or would like to draw a picture of what a fairy fairground might look like, please get in touch with our
friends at The Irish Fairy Door Company by emailing [email protected]! We fairies would all LOVE to know your ideas.

What everyone’s asking this week…

“How many horses can humans hold?” This question has been on the minds of many fairies lately, ever since a fairy named Jimbo reported that he heard
one of his human family tell another one to “Hold your horses”. Jimbo flew back to the Valley and announced to everyone that his humans were able
to hold horses in their hands, but he couldn’t figure out how, and how many, or why they would even want to do that… well, Jimbo if you’re reading
this, I’m happy to let you know it’s just another one of those strange human phrases. So when someone said “hold your horses”, they just mean ‘wait
a moment’. Glad I could clear that up!!

Well, that’s it for another edition of Venetia’s Valley Whispers, everyone. I’ll be back very soon with more!

Until then, signing off…

V xoxo


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