It’s Jinny Joe Season!

This time of the year something very special happens in each and every garden around the world. The Jinny Joe is born! As we know already children love
to blow the fluffy seeds into the air and watch them float away.

We think it’s fair to say that even adults find it hard to resist a Jinny Joe! But what not many humans understand is that Jinny Joe fluff actually does
a very important job for the wider fairy community and their magic as we know it…jj1 Did you know that Jinny Joe fluff is actually a key
ingredient for real fairy dust? It is this time of year every year that all house fairies will actually leave their human home for a short time each
night to gather up as much Jinny Joe fluff as possible.

Every bit of fluff collected is then wrapped up and sent by Fairy Post to the Department of Fairy Discoveries in the Valley. There, it is ground down and
made into a very fine dust called ‘Fluff Dust’. Other top secret magical ingredients are then added to make the fairy dust that we all know and love.
It sounds so simple doesn’t it? Well at this time of year it absolutely is.

But there is one problem… Jinny Joes are not around for long. Therefore there is always a lot of pressure on our little winged friends to collect
as much as possible in this short summer period. The pressure is so much so that there may be times that your fairy may not be able to respond to notes
left for them during this very busy time. jj2 Which brings us on to where you guys come in!! This
time last year we asked all of our believers to get involved and help their fairy by going out and collecting some Jinny Joe fluff for them.

All you have to do is go searching in any garden or park for Jinny Joes. Bring a little jar or pot with a lid with you (the fluff is very light so can
blow away easily). When it is full, please just leave your collection jar beside your fairy’s door and of course a little note too.

Fairies absolutely love it when their human helps them out, so let’s show them what we are made of! Happy collecting!

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