The latest news from Fairy Valley!!

Hello there everyone!! 

It’s me, Fairy Venetia, back with all the latest news from the most magical place in the world. As I always say, if it’s happening in Fairy Valley, you’ll
find out about it right here!

The Hills Are Alive… With The Sound Of Laughter!

Well last week we had a very funny night here in the Valley! Our resident fairy comedians Lenny and Henry had their regular comedy night under the stars
on Mushroom Mound. But this time, instead of telling their own jokes, they used jokes written by actual humans! Who knew the humans out there were
so funny??
“It was amazing”, Lenny told me exclusively earlier this week. “Everyfairy was laughing so much at the hilarious jokes! I’ve even heard that there’s a
fairy called Nooler who’s STILL chuckling away, four days later!”

I found this to be a very intriguing idea, so I set out to find Nooler immediately. Well, readers, it didn’t take long! I was flying past the Heart-Shaped
Lake towards Lavender Lane when I heard the unmistakable sound of uncontrollable fairy laughter coming from below. I flew down straight away and found
Nooler sitting on the cobblestones outside Toadie’s Toadstool Tacos, clutching his sides.

I found it quite difficult to interview Nooler as he was chortling so much but here’s what I managed to take down.

“I hahahahaha found it all to heeheeheee be so funny hahahHAHAHAHA and I just thought hehehehe it was the best haha night teeheeheehee I’ve had in a lo-hahahahahaha-ng
time, but I ca-HAHAHAHA-n’t get to slee-heeheehee-p sometimes because of all the lahahahahahaughing”

So there we go! I wonder if the humans can make their jokes a little bit less funny next time so Nooler and his neighbours might be able to get a bit more

Queen Kate Has Left The Valley!

Well as all my readers will know, Queen Kate is a very familiar sight around Fairy Valley. She takes such a great interest in everything that’s happening
all over the Valley, from Lavender Lane to Mushroom Mound.

But as of right now, she’s nowhere to be seen! And why is this?

Well, as you may or may not know, the Queen of the Fairies has decided to go on a world tour! She wanted to visit as many fairies who are living with humans
as she possibly can. And because there are SO many all around the world, the latest estimates are that she will be gone for several weeks!

I can exclusively reveal that right now, she is in Australia, visiting the fairies there. And of course, whenever she visits a fairy, she will leave flower
petals outside their door so their humans will know!

We wish her the fairy best of luck on her journey, and look forward to welcoming her back to the Valley!

What everyone’s asking this week…

Who will be looking after all the fairies and magical creatures of the Valley in Queen Kate’s absence??

Well, I can reveal it’s… Nooler!

Okay, that was a little joke of mine. Imagine if it was Nooler – nothing would get done at all!

I am thrilled to reveal that the person who will be looking after Fairy Valley will be none other than Queen Kate’s longtime assistant, fairy Gretta!

This is an amazing opportunity for Gretta, and I hope all my readers will join me as I wish her the fairy best of luck!!

And that’s all for now, my lovelies! I’ll be back with more Valley Whispers soon!

V xoxo