Fairy Funny Jokes: Your Jokes Revealed!

You might remember that recently we were contacted by two funny fairies called Lenny and Henry! Well, they asked all you humans out there to come up with
jokes that might make the fairies laugh in Fairy Valley. We received lots of jokes from you guys – THANK YOU! – and we have just heard back from the
Valley! Here’s the message… 

“Hello again!! It’s Lenny and Henry here, and we are so happy to tell you that the Fairy Valley comedy night went really well! It was our most successful
one EVER we think, and a lot of that is down to you humans.

We told every single joke that you guys sent in, and all of them got big laughs and giggles from the audience. All the fairies were excited to hear jokes
that were made up by actual real life humans!! So a massive thank you to all of you humans out there.

Every single joke that was sent in was SO good, but here are some of our favourite ones, which definitely made us and the other fairies, unicorns and magical
creatures laugh a lot. And we’re going to give a shout out to your fairies too, because we know they’re really proud of their humans…

Human 1: What are a fairy’s favorite foods?
Human 2: Do you have a raisin for asking?
Human 1: No… I’ve got to go. Bye!
Human 2: Bye! Cheerio!
Sent by Catherine from the USA. Fairy names: Carolyn & Belle
– Knock Knock!
– Who’s there?
– A fairy.
– A fairy who?
– A fairy special guest!
Sent by India from Ireland. Fairy name: Harmony
Q: Why is the tooth fairy so smart?
A: Because she has wisdom teeth!
Sent by Sophie from Australia. Fairy name: Annabelle
Q: Who helped Fisherella get to the ball?
A: Her Fairy Codmother
Sent by Scarlett from Aromas. Fairy names: Emerald & Francoise
Q: Why did Queen Kate go to the dentist?
A: She had to get her teeth crowned!
Sent by Delaney from the USA. Fairy name: Lucianna
Q: Why did the fairy play football?
A: Because she was fairy sportable!
Sent by Urszula (happy birthday Urszula!!) from Ireland. Fairy name: Didi Airsocks
Q: What did the fairy say to the bug?
A: What’s bugging you??
Sent by Everly from the USA. Fairy name: Vieve
Q: What did the fairy say to the other fairy?
A: It’s fairy nice to meet you!
Sent by Ava and Meadow
Q: Why did the fairy get coal in her stocking?
A: Because she was fairy naughty!!!
Sent by Cade from the USA. Fairy name: Naida
Q: What did the fairy say to the cupcake?
A: You are fairylicious.
Sent by Maeve from the USA. Fairy name: Catherine Luna
Q: What do fairies clean their dishes with?
A: Fairy washing up liquid!
Sent by Holly. Fairy names: Anna, Elsa & Bella

We’ll be back in touch when we need more jokes from you funny humans!!

Until then, with lots of laughs,

Lenny and Henry”

Well done to everyone who sent in a joke!! Our fairies bring us so much happiness, so it’s really nice that you guys were able to put a smile on so many
fairies’ faces and make them all laugh too!