A Visit From Queen Kate!

Huge News! 

We have such an exciting announcement for all of our believers out there – the one and only Queen Kate, Queen of the Fairies, is about to go on her biggest
world tour ever, visiting as many fairies in their human homes as she possibly can!! 

This is a really special opportunity for your fairy to have some time with Queen Kate! Queen Kate cares so very much about all the fairies in the human
world, but of course as Queen has a very full diary a lot of the time… but, we have heard exclusively that she has cleared her diary for the first
few months of 2020, just so she can spend some time with all the fairies out there!

Recently we heard from a fairy named Pepper, whom Queen Kate visited last year. She told us

“It was absolutely amazing!! Obviously I knew Queen Kate from my time training in Fairy Valley, and I used to see her a lot around the Valley, but this was the first time I had a proper sit-down conversation with her. I was a little nervous when I heard her knock at my door… I could see the bright sparkling light coming in from underneath the door, so I knew it was her straight away. 

Well, as soon as I saw her, all those nerves went away. She gave me the warmest smile and the loveliest hug, and I invited her in to have a cup of hot nettle tea, her favourite. We talked all about my humans Lucy and George, their Mum and Dad, and of course the family dog, Presto. We laughed and chatted for a while and when it was time to go, Queen Kate told me how proud of me she was, which was so amazing to hear! She also took the time to write a little note to Lucy and George before she left. 

It was definitely one of the best days ever! I would recommend a visit from Queen Kate to any fairies out there!” 

 If you would like your fairy to receive a visit from Queen Kate, here’s what you need to do! 

  • Tell your fairy that Queen Kate might visit, and ask them if they would like her to stop by!
  • Write a note that says “Queen Kate, please stop here!” and place it in any window in your home, so Queen Kate will know which homes to visit! If you
    have any fairy dust, be sure to sprinkle the note with it, as the magic will make it shine brightly for Queen Kate as she flies above to make sure
    she doesn’t miss your home. 
  • If you don’t have any fairy dust, you could try the following magic spell. As close to your fairy door as possible (so the magic will work), sprinkle
    a little bit of salt and a little bit of sugar on the note and whisper “I wish I may, I wish I must, turn these grains to fairy dust” three times.
    Now place the note in the window – it should have enough magical energy to bring Queen Kate right to your home! 
  • You’ll know if Queen Kate has visited if you see flower petals outside your fairy door in the morning. She might even leave you a note too, or perhaps
    your fairy (or fairies) will tell you all about her visit! 
  • Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen for a while, as Queen Kate has lots of homes to visit. But she has told us she will do her very best! 
  • Oh yes, one last thing: please make sure the area around your fairy door is nice and tidy for the royal visit! This is what Pepper’s home looked like:
And that’s all there is to it! It really is such an exciting time for the fairy community all around the world. We hope you all receive your visit very

Fairy fingers crossed!