Write a fairy funny joke!

Hello there! This week, we received an exciting message via our very special Fairy Valley post delivery service. It read…

“Hello to all you humans out there! It’s fairy Lenny and Henry here, we don’t like to brag but we’re kind of the funniest fairies in all of Fairy Valley.
We always like to make all the fairies and unicorns and basically everyone laugh as much as we can. We’ve even made Queen Kate laugh a few times! You
might be wondering how we did that…

Q: How do you make Queen Kate laugh?

A: Tell her a funny joke!

Okay that wasn’t a great one. But anyway where were we – oh yes, we love telling jokes here in the Valley. Most of our jokes are about humans, because
fairies are just fascinated by you guys, it’s crazy! So of course they want to know all about what you get up to, and then they love to hear our jokes
about you too. So here are some of our favourites:

Q: Why did the human child cross the playground?

A: To get to the other slide!

Q: What musical instrument is found in the bathroom?

A: A tuba toothpaste.

Q: What do you call a dog magician?

A: labracadabrador.

Hahahaha, they’re pretty good, right? We hope you like them. You might even be thinking that you could come up with a joke yourself, well if so, we need
you!! We are writing to ask you to try and make up a joke about fairies. You see, we have so much material about the human world, but we’re struggling
to think of any jokes about fairies, because everything here in Fairy Valley is just normal to us.

We have our Fairy Funny comedy night coming up in the Valley soon and we would love to showcase some human jokes about fairies. Maybe your fairy could
come and tell your joke??

Anyway, if you can come up with one, please send it to the guys at The Irish Fairy Door Company and they will pass it on to us! We can’t wait to hear your
awesome jokes!!!

With lots of laughs,

Lenny and Henry”

So there we have it!! If you can make up a joke about fairies, just send it to us at [email protected] along with your name, home town
and the name of your fairy (or fairies!). Closing date for entries is Friday 17th January 2020.

Your joke will be told in Fairy Valley – and it could even be the one that gets the biggest laugh on the night!! 

Good luck – and have fun!! 😀