Cartoon Catch-Up: Complete Season One!!

Have you seen our animated series, Through The Fairy Door??? We are sure lots of you have,
but you might have missed an episode or two along the way… well right here, you can see every episode of Season One! There are so many magical adventures
waiting – just click below, and enjoy! 

Episode 1: A Good Way To Fail


Episode 2: The Very Scary Night!


Episode 3: Fairy Joy’s Big Worry


Episode 4: Fairy Boo’s Broken Tooth


Episode 5: Fairy Hope Is Jealous!


Episode 6: The Guilt Monster


Episode 7: The Worry Soup


Episode 8: Hiding In Plain Sight!


Episode 9: Team Captain Fairy Hope!


Episode 10: Robot Fairy Friends!


We hope you love the episodes as much as we do!! And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to keep up with all the adventures from Fairy Valley! 

Thanks for watching!