Springtime in Fairy Valley!

Hello there, my lovelies! It’s me, Fairy Venetia, the fairy in the know when it comes to all the latest happenings in the Valley. As always, I’ve had
my ear to the ground and I’ve got some brand new exclusives just for you!

Springtime In Fairy Valley!

What an amazing spring Fairy Valley is experiencing at the moment! As you’ll know if you’ve been in the Valley recently, cherry blossoms have appeared
as far as the eye can see. Well, I have exciting news! Fairy Akiko recently returned to the Valley from her human home in Tokyo, Japan and told
us all about the tradition of ‘hanami’, which is when humans welcome spring by heading out to see the cherry blossoms and having picnics, singing
songs and spending time together underneath the beautiful trees.

I can reveal the first ever Fairy Valley Hanami Festival will take place over four days, starting tomorrow, the 7th of April! All fairies around the
world are encouraged to pay a visit to Fairy Valley over the next few days for songs, laughter and fun beneath the cherry blossom trees. I think
it will be a fantastic festival, and as we know, Fairy Valley will be busy for a very special reason…

That’s right! After their World Tour, the #1 band in the Valley, Pixie & The Pepperpots are performing a massive Homecoming Concert on Mushroom
Mound tomorrow evening! Fawna the Unicorn will be singing too – it promises to be a fantastic evening and launch to the Hanami Festival!

We fairies really do love cherry blossoms! I really hope that humans who have fairies living with them will leave some fallen cherry blossom petals
outside their fairy’s door to celebrate springtime if they can!

What everyone’s asking this week…

What is Emmerdale?? It has been heard all around Fairy Valley this week. “We’re on Emmerdale!”, fairies can be heard chirping from the Heart-Shaped
Lake to Lavender Lane, but not everyfairy knows what it means. Well as always you can count on Fairy Venetia to fill you in… it’s a very popular
television programme from the human world, and my contacts at The Irish Fairy Door Company have told me that this week, Irish Fairy Doors have
appeared on the set!! I hope any humans who might read this might ask the grownups in their house to keep an eye out for them over the next few
weeks – how exciting!

A New Magical Invention On The Way!

This week I shared a mug of nettle tea with Fairy Klaus, who is in charge of the Fairy Discovery Centre here in the Valley. He told me that his team
has made a very important discovery recently, and a brand new invention is on the way very soon – it could even me in a matter of days! He wouldn’t
tell me too much about it but he said that it will make fairies and humans very happy…

In yet another exclusive, I managed to get my hands on a sneak peek at the new invention, just for you my lovely readers!

Keep an eye out for more news about this, guys! From what I hear, it will be very special indeed.

Human songs wanted!

The Fairyvision Song Contest is coming up again soon, and as always, we will need the humans out there to write songs for their fairies to perform.
Fairies, please ask your humans to start writing the perfect song – it could be you who wins this year!!

That’s it from me for another column, everyone. I’ll be back soon, and in the meantime I hope to see lots of you over the weekend at the concert and
Hanami Festival!! I just love living in Fairy Valley sometimes… ok all the time!

V xoxo



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