April Fools Day!

Don’t show this to your fairy!!!

We have to warn you about something – we’ve heard that fairies all across the world are planning some April Fools tricks on their humans! Our sources tell
us that they have lots of different things planned, but don’t worry, it’s all in the name of fun!

We thought we would look for some likely tricks that they might try, and we found these on the Buzzfeed website. Just so you know what they might be planning!!

1. Stuff kids’ shoes with toilet paper

We think some humans would be surprised when they try to put their shoes on! Beware!

2. Cover the TV control sensor with a small piece of tape

Fairies know how much humans love the TV, especially children! So they might try this one…

3. Switch the bags inside two cereal boxes and place them back in the cupboard

Imagine, when the kids go to pour their favourite cereal and instead find one of the ‘boring’ ones!

4. Stick googley eyes to absolutely everything in the fridge

Fairies might try this little trick to give their humans a surprised when they want a treat!

5. Take some glasses and fill them with blackcurrant jelly the night before

Your fairy might put a straw in some jelly and leave it to set overnight, which could definitely cause confusion!!

6. Place a full balloon under the closed toilet lid

When the lid is lifted, the balloon will float to escape proving quite a shock for whoever opens it. Beware of accidents!!

Please do let us know if your fairy tries these tricks or any others! And have a super-fun day!


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