Fairy Lulu Takes Flight

Fairy Lulu Fairy Lulu (859 KB)

“Hellooo!” Fairy Lucas exclaimed as he burst through the door of Fairy School. His friends smiled. If there was one thing they could count on, it was that
greeting from Lucas every day. Some things never change.

Lucas was the kind of fairy who was friends with everyone. He always made an effort to say hello to whomever he encountered on his day, whether it was
Beatrix the headmistress of Fairy School, or a new fairy he hadn’t seen before. He always made time every morning to stop by the Family Tree to speak
to Nordman, the friendly giant of Fairy Valley, too. Lucas would sit on a branch near Nordman’s ear and they would talk and talk.

Along with Nordman, Lucas was particularly good friends with his classmates, especially five fairies called Shimmer, Kelvin, Dale, Clover and Lyra. These
six loved spending time chatting and joking, and they all really enjoyed Fairy School when they were together.

Like many good friends, they had nicknames for each other, and most of the time Lucas was called ‘Lulu’ by his friends. At first, he wasn’t too keen on
this new name but very soon he started to like it – it meant his friends cared about him and that meant a lot.

Lucas just loved to chat. He always had a story to tell his friends, and he loved to tell them jokes. Sometimes they were funny and sometimes they were
so unfunny that his friends couldn’t help but laugh, even if they tried not to. “Oh Lulu”, Shimmer would say, shaking her head, not quite able to stop
herself sniggering.

The six fairies worked hard in Fairy School, and they were all excited about what their human homes would be like afterwards. One day, towards the end
of Note-Writing Class, Lucas leaned over to Dale and Kelvin and whispered.

“Guys, Graduation is so close!”

“I know!” whispered Dale. “Awesome, isn’t it? I wonder where we’ll all be sent?!”

“I want to go to Canada”, said Kelvin. “I think I’d love it there.”

Lyra heard them and said “What about the Netherlands?! I bet it’s such a cool place!”

Lucas thought about it. “Hmm, I don’t know where I want to go… I kind of want to go everywhere!”

Clover laughed. “Literally everywhere? That would be cool, Lulu!”

The bell rang, meaning it was time for a raisin break. The fairies flew out of the classroom and each one collected their raisin from Doris the lunchfairy.

“Thanks Doris!” said Lucas, and as he took his first bite.

Over the break, Lucas listened as his friends talked about their upcoming Graduation. He wondered how many more raisin breaks they would have together,
how many more times he would shout “Hellooo!” flying through the door, and how many more times they would all laugh together.

As the sun rose on the morning of their Graduation Day, Lucas landed on his usual branch near Nordman’s ear.

“Hello, Lucas!” said Nordman, surprised. “I didn’t expect to see you here today of all days!”

“Ah, I wouldn’t miss our chat, Nordman”, replied Lucas. “No way!”

Lucas talked to Nordman, saying how unsure he was about what would happen after Graduation. “The other guys all know what they want to do and where they
want to go”, he said. “But I’m not sure at all.”

Nordman smiled at the tiny fairy.

“That’s okay, Lucas”, he said, gazing out over the horizon. “That’s what’s great about life. There are so many possibilities out there. So many opportunities
to take and adventures to enjoy.

I have chosen to guard the Family Tree and welcome fairies into the Valley, and I can’t imagine being happier doing anything else. I do wonder about the
wider world sometimes, but this is where I belong and where I am happiest.

Your friends might follow a different path to you, just like mine did, but it doesn’t matter. True friendships last a lifetime.”

Lucas smiled, and as he got ready to fly away, suddenly everything became clear.

Later that day, Lucas, Lyra, Clover, Dale, Kelvin and Shimmer graduated from Fairy School. It was a fantastic celebration and they all cheered as they
threw their caps into the air.

Afterwards, the friends chatted and laughed as usual. They drank nettle tea and ate Cheerios and had lots of fun as always.

In the middle of all the laughter, Lucas spoke. “Guys, I have something to say.”

“Not another terrible joke, Lulu!” laughed Shimmer.

Lucas assured them he was serious, and then told his friends about his plan: instead of going to one human home to be a house fairy straight away, he had
decided to go on an enormous adventure all around the world.

“Like I said, I want to go everywhere! There is so much of the world I want to see and so many other fairies and magical creatures to meet. I want to come
back from time to time and tell Nordman all about the world. And guess what, the great thing is I can come and see you all in your new human homes!
Even if they’re in Canada or the Netherlands, or anywhere else. We might not see each other as often, but as a wise man told me recently, true friendships
last a lifetime.”

The six fairies hugged. They knew that no matter where they went in life, they would always be friends.

The next day, as dawn broke over Fairy Valley, Lucas’ friends gathered at Do-Come-Back Docks to wave him off. Although they were sad as they hugged goodbye,
Lucas made it a lot easier by being his usual funny self and they knew they would all see each other again before long.

As he took off, Lucas turned around and said “Bye guys! Sláinte! (‘Slawn-cha’, meaning “good health” in Irish) See you all very soon!”

Shimmer, Kelvin, Dale, Clover and Lyra waved and waved until he was a tiny speck in the sky and then disappeared from view.

Lucas felt something in his pocket. It was a folded piece of paper that read:

He smiled to himself and held it close to his heart as his brand new adventure began.