Fairy Valley Update!!

Hello everyone! It’s me, fairy Venetia, back with some more updates from right here in the most magical place in the whole wide world, Fairy Valley! As
always, if it’s happening in the Valley, you’ll find out about it right here! So what’s going on at the moment? There’s only one thing on everyone’s
minds! Read on to find out all about it…

The Fairy Gathering!

I’m sitting here in my favourite seat outside Calista’s Cloud Café with a fresh thimblecup of nettle tea, and from this spot, I can see most of the wonderful
Valley we fairies call home. To my right is Mushroom Mound and the Heart-Shaped Lake, to my left is Fairy School and Lavender Lane, and up ahead is
Do-Come-Back Docks. As you may know, most fairies coming to the Valley do so via the Docks, and it really is such a pleasure to see tired fairies finally
land after a long flight from their human homes.

Well, as you can imagine, the Docks are extremely busy right now! That’s because it’s time for the Annual Fairy Gathering, when every single fairy in the
human world returns to Fairy Valley for a big celebration – and of course the Annual Fairy Awards! As I write, I can see at least seventy fairies making
their descent, and would you believe, I’m sure I can see Queen Kate waiting on the Docks to welcome them back. What a lovely surprise for any fairy!

I will of course be attending the Gathering and I can’t wait to see who wins all the awards! I know that lots of humans have nominated their fairies, and
I hope they all keep a close eye on the post as there will be some very special mail on the way to the human homes of the fairies who win. But of course,
The Gathering isn’t just about who wins awards – it’s a chance for fairies to catch up, share stories from their human homes and of course sing and
dance their hearts out!

Here are just some of the events that are happening across the weekend as well as the main event on Friday evening:

  • Sing-Along Movie Screenings: There will be a double-bill of sing-along movies this Saturday evening on Mushroom Mound, beginning with ‘West Side Fairy’
    at 6pm following by ‘The Greatest Showfairy’ at 8.
  • Danceathon: Fairy Bob, who just loves to dance, will be hosting a danceathon by the Heart-Shaped Lake all day Sunday. All fairies are encouraged to
    drop by any time for a bit of a boogie!
  • Fairy Friends Meet & Greet: They always say they’re just regular fairies, but Jojo, Laylabelle, Ali May and Evie Bee are quite well-known in the
    human world these days, as lots of humans have soft toys of them! All interested fairies should line up at the bottom of Happenchance Hill from
    2pm on Saturday afternoon to meet and have a photo taken with the famous four.
  • Magic Dust Workshop: With new kinds of magic dust recipes being created all the time, join Klaus at the Fairy Discovery Centre on Sunday at 3pm to
    find out the latest combinations. My sources tell me one of the new dusts this year is Cat Chat Dust, which temporarily grants any cat the ability
    to speak. (Only to be used when all humans are asleep, of course!)
  • Extra BubbleDash services: The rapid transit system in Fairy Valley will increase frequency all weekend, so any fairies who need to get from one side
    of the Valley to the other can hop in a bubble and be catapulted there in no time!

A very cheerful fairy named Pod just flew up to me and asked me to say hello to his human, Oscar. How funny! Well, a big hello to you if you’re reading
this, Oscar – and best of luck to Pod and the entire fairy community in the Annual Fairy Awards!

That’s all from me for now, my lovelies. Have a magical Gathering weekend, and I’ll be back before you know it with more Valley Whispers!

V xoxo



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