Fairy Valley – New Year Update!

Hello and a fairy Happy New Year to all my lovely readers!! It’s me, fairy Venetia, back with another column full of the latest goings-on in the most magical
place in the whole world, Fairy Valley!!

EXCLUSIVE: The Elephant In The Valley!

A very curious thing happened in Fairy Valley this week, as I’m sure you’re aware, if you’ve been around… a tiny elephant has been spotted several
times, in various parts of our magical vale!

How is this possible, you may ask? Well, of course I had to investigate, and asked for anyone who knew how the elephant arrived to get in touch. I didn’t
hear anything for a while… until a fairy named Billy got in touch.

“Well, what happened was”, Billy tells me over a cup of nettle tea, “I was practicing my magic spells. I like to come up with my own little spells using
different kinds of magic dust and… well when I’m in the human world, I keep hearing this phrase ‘elephant in the room’. I thought that it would
be pretty cool to have an elephant in my room, and so I started trying out a few magic spells using those words and before I knew it, I turned around,
and there he was!”

That explains a lot! So what happened next?

“Well”, says Billy, “it turns out having an elephant in your room isn’t really as fun as it sounds! So I let him out for a while, which is when he went
on his tour of the Valley. He loves being outside! So I’m going to look after him still, but I won’t keep him in my room, that’s for sure!”

So there we have it! A big welcome to Fairy Valley’s newest addition, a tiny elephant named… well actually, what is his name? Billy told me he keeps
asking the elephant what his name is, but he hasn’t answered yet, so how about we ask my readers?? If you would like to suggest a name for our new
friend, just send an email to [email protected]!

New Year’s Resolutions!

The start of another year often brings with it the opportunity for fairies and magical creatures (and humans too!) to make a New Year’s Resolution or two…
Well, this year I decided to fly around the Valley to find out about the decisions that have been made by two of the most famous Valley residents!

Nordman the Giant who guards the Family Tree, where all fairies and magical creatures come from, told me he’s going to go for more walks this year. When
I asked who would look after the Family Tree, he told me that he’s going to walk around the tree so he will still be on watch! Sounds great!
So fairies, if you feel the ground rumbling in the coming days, don’t worry – it’s just Nordman having a stroll!

Queen Kate told me that her New Year’s Resolution is to visit every single fairy living in a human home in 2019. Wow!! How exciting for all fairies and
humans! She asked me to remind my readers that she always leaves rose petals around each fairy door, and this is how humans will know she has paid
their fairy a visit!

Fairies out there, why not ask your humans what resolutions they have made? And vice versa!! 

What everyone’s asking this week…

“When is The Great Fairy Art Competition happening this year??” Lots of my fairy friends have asked me about this. Fairies all over the world are very
excited about this annual competition, where fairies draw or paint pictures for their humans, who send them to The Irish Fairy Door Company. It really
is amazing to see how artistic fairies can be, and guess what – my sources tell me this year’s competition will be happening very soon indeed, and
all interested fairies should get practicing. Who will win this year?? I can’t wait to find out!

Well that’s it from me for now, my lovelies! I’ll be back very soon with more Valley Whispers!!

V xoxo


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