Did You Know…?

1. Toadstools are an international symbol of fairy magic. Not to be confused with mushrooms, toadstools will only appear where fairies have set up homes
– whether or not a fairy is still living there is another thing entirely!

2. A fairy experiences their human’s emotions as if they were feeling them themselves. For example, if you are happy then your fairy will feel happy, if
you are sad they feel sad too. So if you are feeling down, try to do something to feel brighter to cheer up your magical friend! 

3. Many fairies like to write just once a week to their humans. Some fairies who try to write every night find themselves becoming exhausted, as their
little tiny fairy hands take much longer to write notes. So in general, for the well-being of your fairy, one note a week is better than seven!

4. Some fairies haves talent for hearing wishes. We are told it is like hearing whispers in the wind, and they know exactly who has made the wish
once they hear them. Some fairies can also take away worries – they can often turn the worry into wishing dust. This means a worry becomes a wish with
a little fairy magic.

5. Fairies have been written about for many, many years; people have been telling stories about them for centuries. But it is only in the last few
years that they have started living in human homes! We are so happy to play a part in that!

6. Fairies’ wings are made of a special material called taffaria. This ultra strong, silky and transparent material is clear on first glance but actually
has all seven colours if the rainbow in it. Red, purple, yellow, pink, blue, green and orange. Each fairy’s wings will have one slightly brighter colour
to match their personality.

7. A fairy’s eye colour will change depending on what they are doing. So in the dark, most fairies’ eyes will turn very bright helping them to see
a little better. In moonlight a fairy’s eyes will glow a little and in sunlight their eyes are very dark, helping them to adjust to the bright sunlight.
In rain, a fairy’s eyes are very blue while in snow they often turn pink!

9. Queen Kate does not live in a castle – in fact, she lives in a fairy home just like the rest of the fairies. She refuses to be treated any differently
to other fairies and is known to share gifts bestowed upon her from visitors. Queen Kate believes all fairies should have enough rather than one or
two having a lot. Queen Kate is adored by all fairies and yet is known for being one of the most humble and down-to-earth fairies you could meet.

9. Fairies watch your dreams at night. They play out like a movie on the ceiling for your fairy to watch. This is the one reason your fairy knows
so much about you. You dream about your day and all that happened and your fairy gets to watch it back through your dreams. Please bear in mind, after
a night watching dreams, they can be too tired to write long notes!

10. Giving your teeth, worries, wishes, soothers or pacifiers to your fairy is quite a big deal to them. When any of the above happens they receive a special
recognition from Queen Kate and The International Fairy Council for reaching very important working fairy targets. These are very proud moments for
your fairy and can often mean a great deal to them that you have chosen them to help you.

11. A new fairy, upon first arriving at their human home, is roughly around the height of the handle on their door. As long as they are believed in,
they can grow up to a maximum of 8 inches (the tallest fairy on record is Titch measuring 8″ exactly). Fairies have only ever been known to grow in
areas where belief from humans is strong. Human belief and love is like sunshine and water to humans – simply essential and keeps them growing and
healthy. A fairy takes up to two years to grow fully in the right environment.

Why not print off this Love-o-Meter and ask your fairy to measure themselves against it to see how tall they are! If you’ve measured them before, maybe
they’ve grown since! 

Fairy Book of Names