Fairy Buster’s Diary

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Hello! Fairy Buster here. I am so excited to be able to tell you about what my first week as a house fairy has been like… I hope you find it


Night 1

I have just arrived in my human home! This is absolutely amazing. My hands are shaking as I write this, I’m so excited. The journey from Fairy Valley was
really smooth – I took off from Do-Come-Back Docks just as the sun was starting to set and I even had a couple of fairy friends join me on some of
the journey, before they had to change direction towards their new homes. Shout out to Flutter and Sparkle if you’re reading this! I hope you got to
Singapore and Mexico okay, and look forward to seeing you back in Fairy Valley really soon. Where was I… oh yeah, so I have just arrived at my new
home here in Boston, Massachusetts. (Took me a while to make sure I was spelling that right!) My humans are called Madison and Jacob and I didn’t have
to try too hard to find their home as there is a super cool magical force drawing each fairy to their human home. I was able to see the glow of my
key from really far away, and I arrived just a few minutes ago. My fairy door is in the living room of their apartment so I didn’t have to worry about
waking up my humans!

Of course, every family and their fairy must read and sign the Lease Agreement so even though I pretty much knew it by heart from Fairy School I read it
all again and signed. Then I took my key out of the bottle, opened my door and here I am! I’m so excited to get to know my humans, so I’m going to
sign off for now and fly around the apartment and introduce myself – very quietly of course… haha!

Night 2

I’ve had an amazing 24 hours since I wrote last! I flew to Madison and Jacob’s bedroom and, just like I learned in Fairy School, I felt such a strong bond
with them straight away – I knew I was the perfect fairy for them and they were the perfect humans for me! It’s hard to explain but it was a wonderful
feeling. I was very careful not to wake them up of course, as I know I would lose some of my magic if a human ever saw me, but I flew as close as I
could and whispered hello to both of them. And guess what, when I did that, they both smiled in their sleep! How cool is that??

Before morning came, I came back here to my fairy home and went to bed. I was really tired after all the excitement and I think the long flight from Fairy
Valley caught up with me too! When I woke up, I heard Madison and Jacob talking to their Dad about me – they sounded so excited about my key being
gone. Hearing them made me so happy. I wanted to open my door and give them a big hug there and then but of course I know I can’t do that! Well it’s
almost time for me to go and check on them and make sure they’re sleeping well. Until tomorrow…

Night 3

Hey everyone, Buster here again. I’m really settling in well here in my new home! And I’ve even received my first ever note from my humans too! It said
“Dear Buster, We love you. We are so happy that you are living with us. What do you like to eat? Love Madison and Jacob” I’m going to write back to
tell them that I love Cheerios and raisins. But I can only eat one at a time!

Oh I forgot to tell you, I have another new friend: Nibbles, Madison and Jacob’s kitten! We have been playing a lot. She wasn’t too sure what to think
of me when I first arrived but I think she trusts me now! Okay, I have to write a note back to my humans and too much writing makes a fairy very tired.
Buster out!

Night 4

Well I am learning so much on my first week here in my human home. I have just been sitting on Madison’s pillow, making sure she was sleeping okay, when
I looked up at the ceiling and saw her dream! It really is such an amazing thing to see, a bit like watching a movie! I saw that she was dreaming about
my door too, which was really awesome. In the dream I could see her playing with Jacob and Nibbles, which I hear her doing every day. It was really
great to see it!

While I was watching her dream, I felt Madison grow a little uneasy. I looked towards the window and saw a bad dream breeze coming towards her. I had to
calm myself and remember my Fairy School training, and with all my might I blew and blew at the breeze until it finally left the bedroom and Madison
smiled in her sleep again. That was an incredible feeling, to know I had really helped my human. I’m a very lucky fairy!

Night 5

I’m sitting here munching on the raisin that my humans left for me. It’s delicious! Today was pretty funny – I could hear Jacob knocking on my door and
asking me to come out! Then I heard Madison saying “Jacob, don’t do that – Buster is asleep!” Which I was, haha, but I didn’t mind at all, it was great
to hear they were thinking of me. Of course I couldn’t come out, but I did do a little knock on my door back. Fairy knocks are so quiet that humans
have to concentrate really hard to hear them, but he must have been really listening because he said “I heard you knock, Buster!” That was a cool moment!
Well that’s my update for today, I have a little game of chasing with Nibbles to get to! 🙂

Night 6

Madison and Jacob left some pictures by my door today – they were really good and made me so happy to see! Madison drew a picture of herself and what she
thinks I look like and the crazy thing is, she got me pretty much spot-on. Jacob drew me a picture of his family, so I could see him, Madison, Nibbles
and their Dad plus a tiny little figure with wings… that must be me! Knowing I’m part of this family is something that makes me very happy. And I
will treasure these beautiful pictures – I’ve got to go and put them up on my wall so I can see them every time I wake up.

Night 7

Well this is my last entry in my diary for you all. I’ve had an amazing first week and I hope to bring more magic into the lives of my humans for a long,
long time to come. I know that Madison and Jacob receive the weekly emails from The Irish Fairy Door Company so if you are reading this guys, you are
the best humans ever!! Thank you for being so kind to me.

And thanks to everyone who is reading right now – because if you can read this, that means you have given a fairy a home too, and that makes us so so happy.
In fact, I probably know your fairy, so tell them hello from Buster next time you write to them!

Buster – over and out! :p


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