A fairy’s first day!

Have you ever wondered what a fairy’s first day in a human home is like?
Well, not too long ago, we received a lovely message here in Fairy HQ, written by a fairy describing her first day in a human home. Here’s what a brand
new fairy named Bluebell has to say:
“I stood in the Great Hall assembly listening to Queen Kate call out the list matching new fairies with their humans. When I heard his name, the name of
my very own human, a small, warm and giddy feeling grew in my tummy. I held my breath, wondering if this was the feeling the other fairies spoke about
when they heard their humans’ name for the first time. It must be!

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder as I turned to see Beatrix, Head of Fairy School smiling warmly at me. That meant it was my turn! I made my way up
to the front of the Great Hall to collect my new home details and of course my uniform and fairy case.

I packed at super speed, eager to get on with my journey. I was excited about my new home was going to be in Germany, which was some distance away from
the centre of Ireland, where Fairy Valley is. I wasn’t nervous about the language as all trained fairies are fluent in every language in the world
but I was a bit nervous about finding the right house. I collected some of the secret fairy dust given to fairies which helps them fly great distances
and I made my way to the place all fairies go when leaving for their forever homes: Do-Come-Back Docks.

I stood in line as one by one Queen Kate and the Council fairies waved farewell to the excited fairies leaving. When my turn came, I leapt with all my
might and shot right out over Fairy Falls. My wings never tired as I flew for hours and hours, until I found myself at the edge of the village I was
looking for. I was nearly at my new home! Suddenly I felt a light pull downwards, it felt like someone had tugged my legs! As I hovered I looked down
and one home looked much brighter than all the others to me.

One of the main things I learned in Fairy School was that a fairy would not have to go looking for humans, but they would come looking for us. We were
taught that a fairy’s human home would find them in the sky and magically draw the fairy down towards the door. I didn’t really understand how that
could work but there I was in the night sky in a country I’d never been before, feeling like an invisible string tied to me was pulling me gently towards
this lovely house glowing below. 

I slipped in through the letterbox and I could smell with my fairy senses that the only pet in the house was a goldfish, who I was looking forward to having
fun with! My new home was set up in the hollow of the stairs. I found it easily, and I smiled when I saw the door was blue, my favourite colour! Outside
the door I found the key in the bottle and the very important Lease Agreement. I signed it straight away – I know it inside and out as we would recite
it every day in Fairy School. There was also a note from my human which I excitedly tucked under my arm.

The excitement I felt was so strong I had to hold myself to make sure I used the key in the enchanted keyhole properly, as all fairies know the first time
it’s used is the most important. The key slid in and with two turns to the left and one to the right the lock opened and my door gently swung open.
I was home!

I knew it would take a while to get my home looking the way I wanted it so that first night I just set up my fairy bed and a bedside lamp. I was so eager
to take a trip up the stairs to see my human for the first time. I read his note, and it was just so lovely. I knew instantly we would get on really
well. I put my key into my pocket and flew out the door and up the stairs to see him. Just at his bedroom door I landed and took a few deep breaths.
I had heard thousands of stories about how a fairy feels when they see their human for the first time so I wanted to make sure I was ready. When I
flew through his door I felt it. Just as I got to his pillow I was so overcome with love I had to resist hugging his cheek straight away. He was perfect.
I lay my hand on his hair and he smiled in his sleep. I always knew I wanted to be a House Fairy but in that moment I truly felt like there was nowhere
in the world I would rather be than with my human, Peter aged 5.”

A big thank you to Bluebell for sharing her lovely story – why not leave a note for your fairy asking what their first day was like?


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