Fairy FAQs!

What does my fairy look like? 

Fairies are like humans in that we all look different and each of us has our own unique qualities. Just like us, they have different colour eyes and hair.
Some fairies are quite tall whereas there are lots of shorter fairies too! Best way to know what your fairy looks like is by asking them to tell you.
Some fairies are excellent artists and may even give you a self-portrait to show you what they look like. 

What do fairies eat?

Fairies are easily pleased when it comes to what they eat and will help themselves to small amounts of food straight from your cupboards. However, if you
feel like leaving a treat out for your fairies they simply cannot resist a raisin or a Cheerio! These two things are fairies’ favourite snacks. Check
out our short animation where a little girl discovers exactly what her fairy likes to eat!

I would like to see a picture of my fairy. Is this possible?

Yes, if your fairy can draw! Not all fairies have the same talents so while some fairies are excellent at drawing, other fairies are not and will be better
at telling you what they look like. Try not be disappointed either way as your fairy is doing their best as always.

What kind of gift would my fairy like?

Fairies particularly love a gift made by you. It could be anything at all but they especially like it when their human draws pictures for them. Whatever
drawing you might leave for your fairy, they will absolutely love it.

What should I write on my note to my fairy?

You can tell your fairy about yourself, about your day or about something you are excited or worried about. Your fairy will love to read all of your news
no matter what it is about because you wrote it just for them.

What jobs do fairies do?

Where to start?! Fairies blow away bad dreams, take care of sick or hurt insects, collect teeth, write notes, take worries away, grant wishes, watch dreams
at night to learn more about their humans, collect food and train Greenwings (trainee fairies). These are just a few of the jobs they do. They also
being good luck and happiness where ever they go!

What do fairies do with teeth?

Fairies keep the teeth that are left out for them. They are so precious to fairies that they’re like trophies to them. Often fairies will keep them sitting
on little silk cushions on the mantles in their homes for all to admire. Your teeth hold all your childhood memories and fairies are guardians of these
and take this job very seriously. Teeth have no value in terms of human money but fairies know how much humans like it so that is why they leave some
in exchange for your precious tooth.

How often should I write to my fairy?

Because fairies’ hands are so tiny, we advise writing to your fairy just once a week. Even if you have lots to ask, it’s best to write it all in one note
to your fairy once a week. Fairies’ hands can get a little tired if they try to write notes back more frequently than that. 

What does my fairy do while I am in school?

Your fairy sleeps all day in their nice quiet house while you are at school so they are ready for that night and all the work they will do like blowing
away bad dream breezes, collecting teeth and writing notes.

Do fairies have pets?

Yes we believe they do, but not like our pets. We have dogs, cats, birds and fish whereas fairies have caterpillars, ladybirds and other small insects.
Fairies are very caring towards all wildlife and take care of all living things. They are especially fond of spiders and find that they make really
great roommates.

Do fairies have brothers and sisters?

Fairies all come to be on a special branch of the Family Tree in Fairy Valley. Each fairy arrives inside their own bud on that branch. So we suppose in
a way every fairy is related, with each of them connected through the Family Tree like one big family, close and always looking after one another.

When do fairies sleep?

House fairies work on a different clock to you and this is to protect their magic. It would be too risky for a fairy to work during the day as they would
be seen by humans and lose a bit of their magic each time so they work while we sleep at night. In the morning time, when we humans are waking, our
little winged friends are just climbing into bed after their night’s work. Remember to use your quiet voice during the day while your fairy is sleeping!

How do we get another copy of our Lease Agreement?

No problem! Fairy legal documents are easily misplaced so email us a photo of your door to [email protected], let us know what happened
and we will send you a link to print off another copy of our Lease Agreement.

I have lost the key, can we get a new one?

Strictly speaking, humans should not be holding onto their fairy’s key. Once a fairy picks it up when they move in, they keep it themselves and use it
every time they need to come in and out of their door. Of course, if your fairy has lost the key themselves and they need a replacement simply email
[email protected] with a picture of your door and we will get it sorted for you!

Do fairies ever get sad?

Yes fairies do get sad sometimes, especially when their human is sad or feeling worried. They can help you though: if you are feeling worried or sad about
something, why not tell your fairy? Telling someone when you are feeling bad always makes you feel better.

Why can’t I open my fairy door?

You can’t open your fairy’s door as the lock is enchanted with fairy magic. Of course your fairy will have the key anyway, but even if you had the key,
you would not be able to unlock the door. The lock can only be opened by a real fairy.

When is my fairy’s birthday?

Fairies are just like us and have birthdays on all different days. Just ask your fairy when theirs is!

Can I bring my fairy on holiday?

Yes you can, if you tell your fairy where exactly you are going and you bring their fairy door with you! Some fairies love to go on holidays with their
human families, whereas others take the opportunity to go back to Fairy Valley and have a nice relaxing break with their friends sitting in the sunshine
(remember fairies usually only come out at night so sitting in the sunshine is very enjoyable for our little winged friends!). Make sure to let them
know when you will be returning from your holiday and they will make sure to co-ordinate their break away with yours. There is never any need to worry
about your fairy being left home alone. They are just like us – they love to spend time with their friends so they are never lonely.

Can I move my fairy door?

You most certainly can! If you are going to move your door for any reason, just write a little note to your fairy explaining what is happening and when.
Your fairy will pack up and be ready to leave when you are. Simply relocate your door and by morning your fairy will have moved back in to his or her
new home without a hitch.

My fairy has not replied to my letter, and I’m worried. What do I do?

This can happen every now and then and is nothing to worry about. Sometimes fairies have really busy nights keeping bad dream breezes away or searching
for teeth, so sometimes they can’t write back straight away. Fairies really are very active at night and just like us humans during the day, some are
busier than others. Once all bad dream breezes are under control, sometimes your fairy even likes to go and visit their friends in a nearby human home

Some fairies also have a condition called Elsa’s Elbow which means they can’t write to you very much at all, because their elbow tingles whenever they
try! Don’t worry though – these fairies have been supplied with a special dust which means they can talk to you in your dreams! Find out more about
Elsa’s Elbow here!


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