The Great Fairy Art Competition

This week we received an exciting message direct from Fairy Valley:

“Hello to all the humans at Fairy HQ! Mike and Angelo here – as you may know, we are the art teachers here at Fairy School in Fairy Valley. Over the years, we have so enjoyed teaching all the fairies how to draw and paint and of course colour inside the lines, and recently we have been wondering if their artistic talents are still being put to use in their human homes… we really hope so! And we would love to know. Can you help? Best fairy wishes, Mike & Angelo”

It’s great to hear from Mike and Angelo, as they have taught every single fairy in the Valley and around the world… that’s a lot of art classes
– and a lot of cleaning up afterwards!

Well, here in Fairy HQ we thought: instead of telling Mike and Angelo that your fairies are still drawing, why not show them! So today we are pleased to
announce, for the ‘fairy’ first time ever…

This is your fairy’s chance to shine!! All you need to do is tell them about this competition and ask them to create a piece of art and leave it out for
you in the morning when they’ve finished. It can be created with paint, or colouring pencils, or any tools of your fairy’s choosing. Then, with the
help of a grown-up, take a photo of their picture and send it to us at [email protected] – or you can send it to us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter too!

Winners will receive a very special prize! We will also feature some of our favourite entries on our social media. Closing date for entries: Wednesday 18th January

PLEASE NOTE: This competition is for fairies ONLY! Human children must not enter on behalf of their fairies – Mike and Angelo know what legitimate fairy
art looks like so this will result in disqualification. The art MUST be created by your fairy! 🙂 

Please make sure your fairy signs each piece of art.

If you want, you could even make a special fairy easel for your fairy to use! Below you’ll find all the details on how to create one…

We can’t wait to see your fairy’s entry!!

DIY Fairy Easel DIY Fairy Easel (487 KB)

Fairy Book of Names