Fairy Nice To Meet You!!

Meet some of our biggest believers!

We are very lucky here in Fairy HQ to be able to meet some of our biggest believers thanks to Fairy Clodagh’s magical abilities!! We have made videos with
all of our guests and this week we wanted to show them to you guys! This week we met six-year-old Abigail and her brother Olan, who’s four. It was
so funny! Here’s what happened: 

We are looking for more believers to take part in Fairy Nice To Meet You – especially boys! We are sure there are lots of boys out there who love their
fairies and who would like to come and star on our YouTube channel. If that’s you, please ask one of your parents to take a short video of you talking
about your fairy and send it to us via private message on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to meet more of our believers and find out all about you
and your fairy! 

If you have missed our other episodes of Fairy Nice To Meet You, you can meet our friends Katelyn, Lucy, Layla, Danny and Mia below – and remember, if
you like our YouTube channel, be sure to subscribe so you see every one of our magical videos!!





We’ll see you next week for more fairy fun and magic!! 


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