Fairy Art Competition WINNERS!

We had SO many entries in this year’s Great Fairy Art Competition, and it’s time to find out the winners! It’s over to Mike and Angelo, the art teachers
at Fairy School, to reveal all:

Hello to all the humans out there! It’s Mike and Angelo here. Massive congratulations to everyfairy who entered this wonderful competition! We were both SO impressed by every single entry – so if your fairy entered, please leave them a note telling them that we are very proud of them and they did a fantastic job. And now it’s time to reveal the winners…

General Category

Special Merit: Fairy Bella

We chose this entry by Bella for the Special Merit Award because it made us smile! Not that it’s a laughing matter really, as we all know, eating a cheese puff turns a fairy orange forever! So it is a very important health and safety message, but also quite funny. Well done, Bella! 


Runner-Up: Fairy Daisy

Oh yes, we remember Daisy very well indeed. She was an excellent pupil at Fairy School and we are so very pleased to see that she is still as talented as ever! We thought this picture was bursting with magic – we especially loved the sprinkles of glitter, and of course lots of the unicorns of Fairy Valley are pink with blue hair, so it also earned points for accuracy.


Winner: Fairy Rose

And here is our winner in the General category! A wonderful picture by fairy Rose! We thought this really shows her love for her human, and could even be her view from her fairy door. We also appreciated the symmetry of the clouds in the window in the centre of the frame. Composition always was a strong suit of Rose’s! Very well done! 


Self-Portrait Category

Special Merit: Fairy Lola

This self-portrait by Lola was chosen as Special Merit because it looks just like her! We remember Lola’s pink hair and yellow wings very well from her days at Fairy School, and we recall she was always smiling, so this self-portrait is just terrific! Congratulations, Lola! We are sure your human family will be very proud! 


Runner-Up: Fairy Didi Airsocks

During her time at fairy school, Didi Airsocks always had a taste for the more abstract side of art, and this self-portrait displays this very well indeed. We love how Didi is challenging the conventions of what art can be by introducing 3D elements, and this avant garde attitude is to be applauded. Brava, Didi! 


Winner: Fairy Lily

And here is our self-portrait winner. Fairy Lily has also used some 3D elements, and we think she has done a magnificent job here. We also thank her human family for making such a lovely fairy easel for her – this must have helped her make such a beautiful self-portrait. Many many congratulations, Lily! 

We think all the fairies who took part should be very proud of themselves! We are definitely very proud of you all. 

Until next year… 

Mike & Angelo


Massive congratulations to all the winners! 

Remember: even if your fairy’s picture isn’t here, every single one was fabulous so please congratulate your fairy the next time you write to them – or
you could whisper it into their door. If your fairy has featured in these results, please contact [email protected] to claim their


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