DIY Bedtime Clocks!

DIY Bedtime Clocks DIY Bedtime Clocks (539 KB)

Here in Fairy HQ, we have had some worrying reports that human children are staying up too late and so are their fairies! (Remember your fairy is awake
when you are asleep!) So for this reason, it’s important that you go to bed on-time so that your fairy (or fairies!) can have enough time to do their
own work at night.

We know a human called Ben who was having a little bit of trouble with getting to sleep at the right time, so we suggested he make his own clock. He did
a great job! His clock now sits beside the big clock in his kitchen and Ben knows when the little hands gets to 8 and the big hand gets to 3 he should
be thinking of finishing up whatever he is doing and heading to bed. His fairy Puddles had a clock made for him too which sits up on the wall so that
he knows what time to get safely in behind his door before the humans wake up.


If you would like to make your own Bedtime Clock (as well as one for your fairy), here’s how!

Step One: Start by using a side-plate to make a circle for your clock, and something much smaller for your fairy’s – maybe a large coin!

Step Two: Write the numbers 1-12 in the right places around both clocks.


Step Three: Colour and cut out some hands for both clocks! We coloured ours black but yours can be any colour you like!

Step Four: Mark out the period of the day when you should be getting ready to head to bed. In this example, it’s 7:30pm to 9pm (absolute latest!) Yours
will probably be different!


Step Five: Pierce a hole in the middle of your click and attach the hands using a pin that lets you move them around if you need to – we used paper fasteners!

Step Six: So the same for your fairy’s clock, and remember, their latest bedtime should be about half an hour before the first human gets up!

Step Seven: All set! Now just stick them up beside your main clock so you and your fairy will know when it’s time to go to bed! Sweet dreams!


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