Queen Kate’s Merit Badges!


This was a very special week in Fairy HQ – we received a letter from the one and only Queen Kate! 

We know how busy the Queen of all fairies is, so it’s always exciting to hear from her. Here’s what she had to say:

‘Hello to my friends at The Irish Fairy Door Company and all over the world. I want to take this opportunity to thank you, as always, for giving loving human homes to fairies – it means more to me than you will ever know.

I am aiming to visit the home of as many fairies as possible this year, and I want to start with fairies whom I know are trying their very best. So, I would like to encourage all humans to start awarding Fairy Merit Badges to their fairies. They don’t have to earn all of the badges to be put on my list, but even one will make me very proud.

I cannot wait to pay a visit to all the kind, courageous, creative and loving fairies all over the world. And do not worry if you are unable to take part in this scheme – I will still pay a visit to every single fairy before the end of the year.

With my warmest magical regards,
Queen Kate’

Isn’t this exciting?! Remember, Queen Kate will leave little rose petals around your fairy’s door when she visits, which is how you’ll know she has been
to your home.

Just click below to download and print the merit badges – or if that’s not possible you could copy them and make your own!

We would love to find out which badges your fairy earns and why – let us know by emailing [email protected]!

Fairy Merit Badges Fairy Merit Badges (481 KB)


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