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Jojo was the kind of fairy who jumped out of his fairy bed in the morning and whistled while he got ready for the day. He sang while he made breakfast
for his fairy friends Laylabelle, Evie Bee and Ali May’s and he greeted each fairy with a cheerful and bright smile when he saw them. His friends adored

“He’s like our own ray of sunshine”, Evie Bee once said and Jojo felt so happy that his friends thought this about him. He was very protective of them
– if it rained, Jojo would make them all wait inside while he went out to find the biggest leaf to keep them all dry while they made their way to Fairy
School. If he knew one of his friends was out and about in Fairy Valley, he would fly to find them so they had some company on their way home. He was
just that kind of fairy.

When he had time to just think about himself, Jojo loved to volunteer for a number of committees in the Valley. This is his weekly schedule:

Monday: Hedgehog Road Safety Squad – at night, fairies help groups of hedgehogs cross human roads safely.

Tuesday: Bog Hermit Herding – these almost blind creatures, who look a bit like sausage dogs, often need help finding their way around.

Wednesday: Insect flipping – any insects on their backs who cannot turn back the right way around are helped to do just that by fairies in this group.

Thursday: Fairy Friends get-together

Friday: Fairy Study Support – fairies lend a helping hand to each other in Fairy School subjects they are struggling with.

Jojo loved to help, which we think is a really special quality. Helping whenever you can is very important!

It was while standing at his bog hermit herding post one Tuesday evening that Jojo made an unusual new best friend. On this particular evening it was raining
heavily and Jojo was soaked through to the skin. Fairies’ wings are completely useless when wet so instead of flying, Jojo stood on guard watching
for any bog hermits coming his way.

Fairies helped bog hermits every week. These harmless, almost blind creatures live in the bogs on the outskirts of the Valley. Once a week they like to
go and collect food from Acorn Acres and the fairies stand along the route to make sure they found their way there and back safely.

Jojo stood beneath his leaf umbrella and watched closely for any approaching bog hermits. Before long, he saw one clumsily heading towards him in the distance.
He held up his snowdrop lantern to let the bog hermit know he was straying from his path but the hermit just kept coming.

As he drew closer, Jojo noticed something lying on the ground in his path. He tried to fly but his wet wings could not so he began to run. As he drew close
he instantly recognised a caterpillar cocoon laying on the ground. Above his head he could see it had come unattached from the large leaves above.

The bog hermit was still heading his way. Jojo knew he had to stop him as he would trample the cocoon and end up crashing into Fairy Valley, and might
even ruin Queen Kate’s flowerbeds! So what could Jojo do? His training had taught him that bog hermits had to be signalled from a safe distance and
you must never ever stand in front of one as they’re quite big and may not see you. Jojo thought very hard about the best thing to do.

He looked at the helpless cocoon. He knew there was nothing it could do to protect itself and it was far too heavy to lift… and then an idea struck

Jojo ran ahead of the cocoon and stood right in the path of the bounding hermit. He held his snowdrop lantern tightly and waved it back and forth as wildly
as he could. Jojo couldn’t tell if the hermit was slowing down or not, and just as it seemed they were about to collide, he closed his eyes and got
ready for the crash. A couple of seconds later, when nothing happened, he opened one eye only to see the side of the bog hermit moving off to the right
of him.

“It worked!!” he squealed, giving the hermit a fright and causing him to lumber off a bit quicker than usual.

“Thank goodness”, Jojo sighed. He turned to look at the cocoon and knew his work was not done just yet. He ran back to his fairy house in the Valley. Once
there, he told his three best fairy friends what had happened.

have to help”, Evie Bee said, and the others nodded in agreement. Laylabelle, Ali May and Evie Bee all followed Jojo back to the edge of Fairy Valley,
each holding their own leaf umbrellas. They found the cocoon where Jojo had left it. Working together they managed to hoist the cocoon back up to the
branch and reattached it with a little magical fairy dust. Jojo climbed up to make sure it was secure, and gave the others a thumbs up before scrambling
down the large plant.

“Thank you all for helping!” Jojo said to his best – and by now very wet – friends.

“Oh Jojo! Only you could care so much to put yourself in a bog hermit’s path out of kindness for another creature”, Laylabelle smiled.

“I know, I think it was a little silly! I just really wanted to help and didn’t really think it through”, blushed Jojo.

“You are a hero!” Ali May announced, smiling proudly at her friend. They all laughed and made their way home.

The story of Jojo’s brave rescue soon made its way all around the Valley. Everyone was so impressed with Jojo that he was asked to tell the story one evening
on Mushroom Mound, in the centre of Fairy Valley.

A large crowd of fairies and other magical creatures gathered to hear all the details. Jojo was very humbled by everyone coming to hear him speak. Just
as he described how they worked together to attach the cocoon, a strange shadow appeared on the grass. All the fairies looked up. It was hard to make
out the flying object at first. As the fairies blinked and shaded their eyes to see a bit more clearly, a huge butterfly landed right in front of them
all, a magnificent shade of blue and orange.

It was the biggest and most beautiful butterfly anyone had ever seen. The butterfly spread it giant wings and bowed it head at the four fairy friends.
Jojo realised that this was the butterfly he had so bravely protected.

It was an amazing sight, and it was so thoughtful of the butterfly to come along and show her appreciation for this caring, kind and brave little fairy.

JoJo Friendship Certificate JoJo Friendship Certificate (2264 KB)


JoJo Activity JoJo Activity (2547 KB)


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