Ali May’s Story!


Ali May’s Story!

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Ali May had settled in very well at Fairy school – ever since the very first moment she met her fairy housemates they had all been the best of friends.
Ali May felt all warm inside when she thought of her friends Laylabelle, Evie Bee and Jojo. They did practically everything together every single day
and never ever got bored of each other’s company. Ali May felt very lucky to have found them as easily as she did.

What was especially fantastic about the four fairy friends was that although they adored being together they also had their own unique interests. It was
quite common for fairies to have lots and lots in common with each other but also to have other things they like to do too. In Ali May’s case she just
loved to help others; caring and looking after someone who needed it was her absolute passion.

Lots of fairies say that when they need to feel better about something they will pop around to Ali May’s for a chat and a cup of nettle tea. Without fail,
they always feel much better when they leave. She has a natural ability to make you feel good again – whether it’s from a warm fairy hug or just having
a friendly fairy ear to listen to you, Ali May is the fairy to go to!

Now we know humans have never felt the warmth and wonder of a fairy hug and this is exactly why our Fairy Friends came to be. Because what we humans don’t
fully understand is that a hug from a fairy can heal you and make you feel warm, bright and happy almost instantly. Ali May had a special gift for
this in particular. Her hugs were so special there was often a queue of bugs waiting for one.

It was while volunteering one afternoon at her favourite charitable group ‘Hugs 4 Bugs’ that a certain little someone kept catching Ali May’s eye.

As the afternoon went on, Ali May noticed a bright green caterpillar get onto her queue, move up a few spaces but then leave.

It happened at least five times. She wondered what was wrong. She saw him talk to another red caterpillar before heading off. Ali May hurried off to catch
up with the red caterpillar.

“Excuse me”, she called. The red caterpillar stopped suddenly and turned around, surprised.

“Yes?” she smiled.

“I was just wondering if you knew the other green caterpillar?” Ali May asked, hopefully.

“Who, Lenny?” asked the red caterpillar, turning around.

“Yes the caterpillar you were just speaking with” Ali May chuckled. The red caterpillar turned herself right back and straightened up all her feet.

“Lenny is a new caterpillar – and he has a lot to learn”, she said.

“He keeps lining up and then scurries off when he gets near the top”, Ali May explained, puzzled.

“Well, he doesn’t understand yet that nobody wants to hug caterpillars”, said the red caterpillar.

“Why not?” Ali May asked.

“Because of all our feet, of course”. The red caterpillar lifted herself and wiggled all her feet at Ali May.

Ali May was confused. “Why would that be a problem?” The red caterpillar got close to her and stood tall to look her in the eye.

“You are different from the others aren’t you?” she asked, while squinting at Ali May, who giggled.

“I don’t think so!”

“Hmm… I’m not so sure but you ask around, fairy girlie, and you will see what I mean. Fairies don’t hug caterpillars!” The red caterpillar laid
down and shuffled away, leaving Ali May very puzzled.

Later that evening, as Ali May was helping the other fairies tidy up, she asked another volunteer fairy about the conversations she’d had.

“Why don’t we hug caterpillars?” she asked while folding away the stand. The other fairy didn’t answer so Ali May Looked up to see what was wrong. The
fairy’s face was horrified.

“Because they don’t want to be hugged! Everyone knows they hate hugs. In fact, they are quite offended if you even try to hug them!” she said.


“Really?” Ali May was confused – this was a very different reason to the one the caterpillar gave her!

“Yep – it’s very well-known. I would love to hug one of the fuzzy little guys but I would simply be too afraid I would upset them.”

Ali May was confused. Was it true that caterpillars didn’t like hugs or did they just think fairies didn’t like hugging them?? One way or another she had
to discover the truth…

A couple of days later, Ali May was back at the Hugs 4 Bugs Centre. She watched her line very closely to see if Lenny would turn up again. She had thought
a lot about what the red caterpillar and the other fairy had said and she had decided that it must have just a big misunderstanding and after a little
bit more thoughts, she came up with a plan that might just fix it all.

About an hour later, she saw Lenny shyly pass by the queue. Ali May noticed one of his many legs looked quite red and sore. He stopped for a moment and
looked like he was going to join the line but instead he sadly shook his head and walked on. Ali May apologised to the waiting bugs and flew straight
after the caterpillar, landing in his path. He seemed quite shocked she was there.

“Excuse me,” he said in a very quiet voice, trying to move past. Ali May smiled as brightly as she could and then she took a deep breath and bent down
and gave Lenny the biggest, warmest, most fairylicious hug she could. At first Lenny froze, but seconds later Ali May felt his arms around her…
lots of them! She giggled and so did Lenny. When she finished the hug, she stood in front of the now very happy caterpillar. He was smiling so widely
it made her giggle again.

“I can feel the magic working already”, he laughed and looked down. Ali May saw a hurt leg which was sore and red begin to change and look more like the
others. Ali May smiled.

“I’m Ali May” she held out her fairy hand to Lenny. He shook it with two of his. “Lenny”, he smiled.

They both noticed how quiet everything was around them. Every creature and fairy was standing nearby silently watching them. Most had their mouths open
in amazement. Clapping and laughing broke out as both Lenny and Ali May stood together arm around each other, friends from that point on.

Even the red caterpillar was amazed but not for long as one of the other volunteer fairies swooped in and pulled her into the best fairy hug she had ever
received. She later told Ali May her aching tooth was cured straight after. Ali May was so proud of herself!

From that day to this, caterpillars have regularly visited the Hugs 4 Bugs Centre and are now known all over Fairy Valley for their warm fluffy hugs!

Ali May Friendship Cert Ali May Friendship Cert (2268 KB)


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