Fairy Facts!

Fairy Fact No. 3

Upon first arriving at a human home, a new fairy is roughly 1 inch in height. They can grow to a maximum of 8 inches (the tallest fairy on record is Titch measuring 8 inches exactly). Fairies have only ever been known to grow in areas where belief from humans is strong. Human belief and love to a fairy is like sunshine and water to humans. It is simply essential and keeps your little winged friend super happy and super healthy! If you would like to measure how tall your fairy is, please download the Love-O-Meter to measure him or her. A fairy can take up to two years to grow fully in the correct loving environment.

Fairy Fact No. 2

Fairies are amazing! Every part of their bodies is packed with magic, love and wonder.

Fairy Fact No.1

If you would like a fairy to come and live in your home, there are just two simple rules you need to obey: you must love your fairy, but most importantly you must believe in your fairy. Once these two rules are abided by, your fairy will stay with you forever!