Fairy Facts!

Fairy Fact No. 10

Some fairies prefer to write just once a week to their humans, while others like to write anything up to 3 times a week. If you haven’t already asked your fairy what they would prefer, maybe you should? Some fairies are quicker at writing than others so the fairies who take longer to write notes can get very tired if they are writing back all of the time. We don’t want your fairy to be suffering from exhaustion now do we, after all they do have very tiny hands! If your notes are full of news once a week, wouldn’t that be very interesting for your fairy and vice versa!!

Fairy Fact No. 9

Fairies experience their human’s emotions as if they were feeling them themselves. For example if you are happy then your fairy will feel happy, if you are sad they will feel sad too. Most of the time your fairy will also like and dislike the very same things as you do! Every fairy is very carefully selected to be the perfect match for the human they are assigned to.

Fairy Fact No. 8

Fairies are very good at blowing away bad dreams. This is one of the main modules in Fairy School and they train very hard to master the skill. Fairies watch your dreams at night. They play out like a movie on the ceiling for your fairy to watch. This is one of the reasons why your fairy knows so much about you. You generally dream about your day and all that happened, therefore letting your fairy see what fun you had that day! Sometimes, as we all know, there may be some bad dream breezes. Your fairy works very hard to blow them away. Most of the time, he or she will be very successful, but there are also times when they might need a little help. When that happens, The Fairy Force are called!

Fairy Fact No. 7

Toadstools are an international symbol of fairy magic. Not to be confused with mushrooms, toadstools will only appear where fairies have set up homes, whether or not a fairy is still living there is another thing entirely…!

Fairy Fact No. 6

Fairies like to eat human food. Their favourite snack is raisins, but one is enough at any one time. They absolutely cannot eat cheese puffs as they turn fairies orange. We have our fairy scientists currently working on a cure, but unfortunately at the moment there is none.

Fairy Fact No. 5

Fairies’ wings are made of a special material called taffaria. This ultra-strong, silky and transparent material is clear on first glance but actually has all 7 colours of the rainbow in it. Red, purple, yellow, pink, blue, green and orange. Each fairy’s wings will have one slightly brighter colour to match their personality.

Fairy Fact No. 4

Giving your teeth, worries, wishes, soothers (or pacifiers) to your fairy is quite a big deal to them. Each fairy works extremely hard while living with you and they report back regularly to the Valley on how they are getting on. When any of the above happens they receive a special recognition from Queen Kate and The International Fairy Council for reaching very important working fairy targets. These are very proud moments for your fairy and means a great deal to them!