Fairy Facts!

Fairy Fact No. 17

A fairy’s eye colour will change depending on the weather. When it rains, they will be a beautiful bright blue. When it snows, they become a lovely soft green. When it is sunny, they are a chocolate brown. Interesting eh?

Fairy Fact No. 16

Fairies have been written about for thousands of years. People have been telling stories about them for centuries, especially here in Ireland! Fairies are tiny magical beings who actually look quite like humans but have special wings and powers.

Fairy Fact No. 15

Fairies have a very mild strawberry scent. So if you walk into a room or garden and you can smell strawberries but there are no strawberries to be seen, a fairy has more than likely been there.

Fairy Fact No. 14

Queen Kate does not live in a castle; she lives in fact in an ordinary fairy home just like the rest of the fairies. She refuses to be treated any differently and is known to share out all of the gifts bestowed upon her from visitors. Queen Kate is adored by all fairies and yet is one of the most humble and normal fairies you could ever meet. We have to say we kind of adore her too here in Fairy HQ!

Fairy Fact No. 13

Fairies are multilingual and can speak every single language in the world.

Fairy Fact No. 12

All fairies originated in Ireland. Many leave Irish shores to find human homes all over the world but each fairy is born from Nordman’s Family Tree in Fairy Valley in Ireland.

Fairy Fact No. 11

Fairies do not lose their magic if animals see them. So if you your pet starts to act strangely and begins to bark or seem a little confused your fairy is probably around somewhere hiding. It is a well-known fact that sometimes fairies like to play tricks on family pets! Don’t worry though, they are always just a bit of fun. Dogs and cats are great friends with fairies!