Winter Fairylympics 2018!

As you may know, the Winter Olympic Games recently took place in South Korea, and it was such a thrilling event for so many super-talented athletes and
their countries. Congratulations to Norway who were top of the medals table with 39 medals including 14 gold! Thousands of people went to South Korea
to support the athletes in the different events; they wore their countries’ colours, painted their faces, flew their flags and cheered and chanted
the competitors on. It really was a very special couple of weeks for humans all around the world, and now it’s the fairies’ turn!! The Winter Fairylympics
2018 are about to kick off in Fairy Valley – check out all the details below!


Of course, fairies are just as talented as us humans when it comes to all things athletic, for example we have been told about a fairy called Bobbi who
is a master at bob sleighing. Fairies use conker shells as helmets and hollow out coconuts to make their bob sleighs. And then there’s Snowdrop the
fairy who is unbeaten in snowflake dodging – a highly technical sport where fairies fly through heavy snow showers and zip through the flakes without
being hit. Another fairy pointed out to us was Amber who is the reigning snow fairy champ, her ability to make snow fairies and snow humans in the
soft fallen snow is second to none. And not forgetting Oscar of course: he is the current champion in fairy skiing – fairies use lollipop sticks to
ski on, a bit like this picture we found on Pinterest: 

Maybe your fairy has a special talent that could see them succeed at this year’s Winter Fairylympics? Perhaps you could ask them if they are planning to
go to the games as a spectator or even a competitor? And if so, what event are they competing in?

The games last just over ten days with an award ceremony on the last day – starting on the 5th of March and ending on the 14th of March 2018.

For those of you whose fairies are going to support the others and just watch the games, a couple of items from around your home could really help them,
as the cold can be extreme at times! So why not take some time to go looking around for the following:

• A 1 inch square of tinfoil (tinfoil keeps the heat in and is super fashionable for them to wear, too!)
• Cotton balls (fairies make cosy hats out of cotton wool, as well as leg warmers, scarfs, body warmers, gloves and ear muffs)
• A couple of lollipop sticks – fairies love to ski, whether in competition or not
• Make a tiny flag for your country – for example a tiny Irish flag on a cocktail stick is a great size for a fairy!
• An extra raisin or two for their journey to Fairy Valley
• Make a backpack – you can use an empty matchbox (make sure it’s empty and never ever play with matches!!) and some string for straps
– your fairy will be so grateful.

Good luck to all the fairies competing and supporting the Winter Fairylympics this year – we are sure they will tell you all about it when they come back
home to you!