The latest from Fairy Valley!

Hello there! It’s me, fairy Venetia, the roving reporter for The Fairy Valley Times, with all the latest news from the most magical place in the world!
As always, if it’s happening in the Valley, you’ll find out about it right here!

What everyone’s asking this week…

Where will the unicorns sleep??

As many of my readers already know, unicorns love to sleep on clouds! In fact, a cloud is a unicorn’s very favourite place to relax. 

Even as I type here over a cup of nettle tea in Calista’s Cloud Cafe, as I look around I can see several of my unicorn friends taking a nap. In fact,
I think I can see Fawna the unicorn catching forty winks, too! 

Now, the slight problem we are facing here in the Valley is that we have lots and lots of unicorns, but not so many clouds! Fairy Valley is such a sunny
place that we are experiencing a cloud shortage! Unicorns are very considerate and kind, so many are sharing clouds with their friends, but there isn’t
enough room for the entire unicorn population of Fairy Valley at the moment… what to do?!  
Well, I have exciting news: I have heard from my sources that an histoic agreement has been signed between the International Fairy Council and the humans
to allow unicorns to sleep on clouds in the human world!

A spokesfairy from the Council told me exclusively: “We have identified areas in the human world where fairy magic is concentrated. Mostly, these are above
homes where a fairy lives, and where belief in magic is strong. These are perfect conditions for unicorns to have a peaceful sleep, as they won’t feel
too far away from the magic of Fairy Valley! Like fairies, lots of unicorns like to sleep during the day, so we would encourage all humans to keep
an eye on the clouds above their home – you might spot one snoozing! If you suspect one is there, please do not hesitate to sing a lullaby to them.
They will definitely hear it – the magic present in your home will amplify the sound and they will have an even better sleep!”

So there we have it – peaceful sleep for our unicorn friends everywhere!

Elephant Update! 

If you read my recent column, you
will know all about the tiny elephant who appeared in Fairy Valley recently. This adorable new addition to the Valley was named Peanut by our human
friends, and this week I caught up with fairy Billy to find out how Peanut was getting on! 


“It’s been amazing”, says Billy with a grin. “Peanut is my best friend!! He and I have a great time exploring the Valley together, and he does his best
to keep the noise down! I’m hoping to be sent to my first human home later this year, and of course I would like to keep Peanut, so we’re looking for
a human family with a garden who wouldn’t mind looking after a tiny elephant as well as a fairy!”

Well, stranger things have happened… wishing you the best of luck on your search, Billy!

Does Fairy Valley have talents?! 

The first ever Fairy Valley Has Talents show is happening VERY soon here in the Valley! I can’t wait to see what amazing talents will be on display! My
contacts at The Irish Fairy Door Company have told me they have already received lots of entries, and it’s not too late! Any humans reading this who
would like to enter their fairy, just click
HERE for all the details! 

And that’s all for now, my lovelies!! I’ll be back very soon with more fairy news!
V xoxo

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