When Is My Fairy’s Birthday?

There are some questions we get asked quite often in Fairy HQ and this is definitely one of them – of course all of our lovely human families want to know
when their magical little house guest turns another year older. Birthdays are such a fun and loving time for us humans, so it’s only fair we share
that happiness with our special little friends. We are lucky enough to have access to The International Fairy Council, so we thought the perfect fairy
to ask would be Arthur who is the Head Fairy for Events & Activities!

Well, Arthur has been having a busy week in Fairy Valley but he kindly took some time to give us a rather magical answer and here is what he has to

“Hello to everyone at Fairy HQ! I hope you all had a wonderfully magical Christmas – we all did here in the Valley. Thank you for passing on this question.
Many of us have noticed all the queries from the human families out there asking when a fairy’s birthday occurs so it makes sense that we address
this now… You see, before fairies started to live with humans, we never really celebrated birthdays because we lived our lives hiding from
humans! Fairies never even knew humans celebrated getting older until we all began getting to know each other better. In fact it was Fay, one of
the first fairies to ever live with a human family, who reported to the Valley about this curious concept of birthdays. Here is her note: “My Dear
Queen Kate and Council, I got the fright of my life the other evening when a loud noise (the humans call it singing) rang out from the parlour.
I peeked out from behind my fairy door only to see a cake with fire on the top being presented to my human Charlotte. I was so shocked, I was just
about to risk my magic and fly out to save her from the fire when a friendly spider called Webb stopped me in my tracks. He explained that on the
same day every year, humans celebrate their birth with a cake and candles on top. I am told the idea is to have the same number of candles upon
the cake adding up to one’s age. They sing a peculiar birthday song and the human blows out the candles and then they all eat cake. I was left
a little bit of cake that evening and I have to say it was yummy. But my human has asked me when my birthday occurs and I really don’t know. Can
you help me so I can give Charlotte an answer?”

When the Council was presented with this question we knew we had to find an answer. We spoke at great length about how we would determine a fairy’s
birthdate. As all fairies come from Nordman’s Family Tree, would we ask him to begin logging days and times? Should we set up a registration station
in the tree to record all the new fairies? Just what would be the best way? We didn’t know where to start! Then, out of nowhere, a suggestion came
from a young fairy called Dot, who was busy taking notes for Queen Kate in our meeting. “Perhaps f-f-fairies could pick their own birthdays?”

Dot said in a small voice. We all turned to look at her and with one encouraging nod from Queen Kate, she continued. “I… I mean I would like
to celebrate the day I started working with Queen Kate as this was such a very important day to me. It was the day I fulfilled my dreams.” She
blushed furiously when she said this and Queen Kate had to brush a tear from her eye but what Dot said had really struck a chord in every fairy

We decided unanimously that it should be a fairy’s choice – they could even chose whether to celebrate a birthdate or not. They could pick any date
that held some significance to them. Queen Kate declared the ruling the day after. The ruling, called ‘My Magical Date’, was written into Fairy
Law soon after. Some restrictions apply obviously: namely there can only be one date for each fairy and the date each fairy picks must be recorded
beside fairy names in the Workplace Log. This allows Queen Kate to wish her fairies a Happy Birthday on the relevant date. So, my friends in Fairy
HQ, please tell your believers that it couldn’t be simpler – just ask your fairy when their birthday occurs! It may be the day they moved in or
it could be the day of their human’s birthday – whichever holds the most significance to your fairy. Hope this helps!” So there you have it – all
you need to do is ask your fairy when they would like to celebrate their birthday! A few of us here in Fairy HQ quite like the idea of being able
to make our own one up!! Thanks very much to Arthur for all the info and we hope you and your fairy have a fantastic week!

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