Taste of Fairy Valley!

Taste of Fairy Valley Taste of Fairy Valley (660 KB)

Attention all fairies! Taste of Fairy Valley in partnership with Bumble’s Blueberry Farm returns to the stunning Heart Shaped Lake Gardens this weekend
from the 9th – 11th June. Over three indulgent days, each and every fairy in Fairy Valley will be able to attend this fairy foodie Festival which is
sure to be one of the hottest events on every fairy’s social calendar!

Fairy Valley’s food culture is fast becoming a lot more diverse and more influenced by human cuisine and this year’s Taste of Fairy Valley will give all
fairies in attendance the chance to swap their raisins and Cheerios for some delicious apple and blueberry wands or even some strawberry and marshmallow
toadstool bites! All fairy visitors will also be in with a chance to experience live cooking demonstrations with the Valley-renowned Fairy Claudette
all the way from Paris in France!

We in Fairy HQ thought that maybe some humans out there would like to sample some fairy treats that our little winged friends are going to be tasting this
weekend! What better way to do that than to show you how to rustle up your very own fairy sandwich, apple and blueberry wand or toadstool bite! Maybe
you could prepare these delicious snacks for your fairy should they not be able to attend Taste of Fairy Valley this weekend? Keep on reading and follow
these simple steps!

Apple & Blueberry Wands

What you’ll need:

Apple & Blueberries

Cocktail stick

Star-shaped cookie cutter/mold

1. With the help of a grown-up, slice your apple and then use your star cookie cutter to cut out some star shapes.

2. Place each star on top of a cocktail stick and then place a blueberry or two on the cocktail stick underneath your apple star.


Toadstool Bites

What you’ll need:




BBQ sticks

1. Remove the green stem from each strawberry and place one strawberry on the top of each BBQ stick

2. Place one marshmallow underneath each strawberry so that it looks like a toadstool!

3. Finally, decorate your strawberry with white dots (or any colour dot you like!) using either some icing, yogurt or cream. We used some white chocolate
icing to give our strawberries a true toadstool look!


Fairy Sandwich

What you’ll need:

White bread



1. Butter two slices of bread and slice them into whatever shape you like.

2. Add some sprinkles to one slice and decorate! The more colours used the better! Close your sandwich and enjoy!



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