The Fairy Who Discovered Rainbow Sparkle Slime

The Fairy Who Discovered Rainbow Sparkle Slime


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Straight out of Fairy School, Fairy Sam knew he was going to be a fairy scientist. He had always been so good at mixing and making. His magic dust-mixing
grades were the highest recorded in Fairy School, not just that year – but EVER! He couldn’t really explain it, he just had a knack for making things
and it was something he absolutely loved to do.

Sam was so excited to learn there was a job waiting for him at the Fairy Discovery Centre. On his first day, he met with Klaus, the head fairy there. Klaus
explained that Sam would have to begin his career in the Fairy Discovery Centre by learning everything there was to know and that would mean acting
as an assistant to Gertie, one of the most skilled and accomplished Fairy Scientists in the whole of Fairy Valley. Sam was ecstatic to be placed alongside
Gertie – he absolutely idolised her and had followed her work for years.

Sam and Gertie got along brilliantly straight away. Within a very short time, Gertie was trusting Sam with things way beyond his experience but she saw
his talent and was eager to make sure he continued to develop.

Gertie started telling Sam about something she had been working on. It was Rainbow Sparkle Slime.

“I have a hunch Sam”, she said, “that human children would just love playing with slime and so I began mixing lots of things together to see if I could
make some but no matter what I try it just does not seem to be working for me…”

Sam studied Gertie’s notes. He could see all the different things she had tried mixing before. Gertie spoke again.

“Sam, the Annual New Idea Competition is coming up soon where senior scientists can put submissions into The International Fairy Council. The winning idea
each year goes to The Irish Fairy Door Company and can be developed into an actual product for children to have fun with, all around the world!”

Sam could tell Gertie was excited. Her eyes grew wide as she said “Imagine after all these years I could actually have discovered something children would
love to play with!”

Sam couldn’t help but smile at Gertie. She looked like she was going to pop with excitement!

“Tell me Gertie”, he said. “What happens when you mix your ingredients?”

The two fairies spent hours talking about how she had tried hundreds of different things all mixed together but no matter what she tried, the slime seemed
to never come together properly – it always ended being much too messy! Try as they might, they just could not figure it out.

Sam spent all his spare time trying to help Gertie figure out what was missing from her slime recipe, with no luck.

Two days before the deadline for entries into the contest, Sam was sent on an errand to deliver a letter to Nordman the Giant, who lived right at the foot
of the Fairy Family Tree in Fairy Valley. As Sam delivered it, he couldn’t help but let out a little sigh.

“What is it?” Nordman asked, eyeing the little fairy.

“Oh, it’s nothing” Sam replied, glumly.

Nordman smiled warmly. “I may not be a fairy, young Sam”, he said, “but I do know a thing or two about a thing or two.”

Sam told Nordman everything, desperate to help Gertie any way he could. Nordman listened carefully. When Sam finished talking, Nordman began to speak.

“Well my little friend”, the giant said. “That really is a difficult thing to figure out! I have been around a long, long time and I have heard hundreds
and hundreds of stories about children and how they play and one thing always seems to be the same…” Nordman bent down to the table Sam was
sitting on.

“Children enjoy a little mess every now and then! It helps them develop and discover… or so it occurs to me anyhoo.”

Something clicked in Sam’s mind and he suddenly understood what Nordman was trying to say. He jumped to his feet and flew to the door. Waving goodbye to
Nordman, Sam flew straight to Fairy Discovery Labs to find Gertie to tell her about his new idea…

A couple of days later, Sam flew excitedly to Mushroom Mound to see the list of Qualifiers for the Annual New Idea Competition. So many great ideas were
listed and there among them was Gertie’s submission. Sam and Gertie celebrated with a nice mug of nettle tea before getting back to work and preparing
their presentation.

On the night of the final, Sam and Gertie watched the other finalists present their ideas to the crowd; they were all so good! Although they were nervous,
Sam and Gertie took to the stage and began presenting Gertie’s idea with confidence. It went really well and when they finished, they received an enormous
round of applause. Lots of fairies came up to them asking all about the idea and how Gertie came up with it. Everyone seemed so excited!


Gertie smiled to the fairies as she explained: “I had the mixture ready for months but I felt it was missing something and too messy for human children
to enjoy playing with so I asked Sam to help make it better and do you know what he figured out?”

All the fairies gathered in close to hear the answer. “He told me it was not missing anything and that human children actually LIKE a bit of mess!”

Gertie smiled widely “In fact he said most adults thought children needed to mess a little more, using their imaginations and having fun – as long as they
clean up afterwards of course. He’s so clever,” Gertie said, as she winked at her little apprentice who smiled back, and waved at the friendly giant
in the distance.

The End

We here in Fairy HQ found out recently that Sam and Gertie actually won the competition!! So we’ve decided to do a special video showing you how to make
Rainbow Sparkle Slime! And there will be a giveaway too, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel for that!


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