Summertime in Fairy Valley!

Venetia’s Valley Whispers #7

Hey everyone!! It’s Venetia here, roving reporter for The Fairy Valley Times, and the fairy in the know here in Fairy Valley, if I do say so myself!
I’m back to fill you in on all the latest Valley gossip!

Summertime in the Valley

Summer is in full swing here in the Valley! As you’ll know if you’ve spent any time here lately, the sun is shining bright every single day and you can
hear fairies singing with happiness everywhere you go.

Everywhere except the Family Tree, that is! That’s because it’s Fairy Tree Retreat season, and fairies from all over the world have travelled back
to the Valley for some rest and relaxation. Humans all over the world have booked places for their fairy friends on the Retreat, and the fairies are
so thankful!

I had a chance to sample some of the treatments recently, and I had the most wonderful time. I even met Fairy Clodagh, who as you know is the human fairy
who lives in the human world but also visits the Valley very often. I must admit I was a little bit starstruck! As you know, we fairies like to watch
the YouTube videos by The Irish Fairy Door Company on a massive screen on Mushroom Mound when the sun goes down. Humans do something like this too
– it’s called the cinema or movie theatre!

Anyway, I had a wonderful time. The treatments I selected were Wing Therapy (having my wings massaged by some delightful ladybirds), a Mud Bath (my wings
are so shiny and soft!) and Yawning & Stretching (who doesn’t love a good stretch!) and I would recommend it to any fairy! Of course, it’s our
human friends who have to reserve a place for us, so if you would like to go, please ask your human to check their recent emails from The Irish Fairy
Door Company for all the details.

What everyone’s asking this week…

“Why do horses wear clothes in the human world?” That’s what I’ve heard more than once around the Valley recently and I’m happy to be able to put this
rumour to rest – in the human world, a ‘clothes horse’ isn’t in fact an actual horse, but something for humans to put their clothes on, so they can
dry. It’s a bit like the washing lines we fairies use… glad I could clear that up!!

Fairy Ginger in the spotlight

I’m hearing some exciting news! My very good friend Ginger is going to be featured in a new story for humans. Something happened to her not so long ago
which was extremely unusual, and really interesting… she became a giant fairy!! I won’t give too much away, but I have been told that everyone
should keep their eyes and ears open for the next story by The Irish Fairy Door Company – starring Ginger!

Fluff Island: We have a winner!

Congratulations to Suzie Sprinkleton, the winner of Fluff Island! As you probably know, the reality show following 12 fairies in search of the most colourful
piece of fluff has been the TV hit of the year in Fairy Valley. The final saw Suzie find a multi-coloured piece of fluff under a sofa and was crowned
the winner. Well done to her fellow finalists Luna, Penelope Pumpkinpants and Nigel. I will hopefully have an exclusive interview with them all very

Well, that’s it for now, my lovelies!! I’ll be back with more Valley Whispers very soon!

V xoxo