The Big Fairy Survey!

Recently we received a question here in Fairy HQ from a believer named Sam, who’s 7 years old, from County Sligo in Ireland. It was a simple question:
What are fairies’ favourite things about being fairies?? Well, we thought we had a pretty good idea what fairies would say, but then a thought occurred
to us – maybe we could ask them! 

And so a plan was made: we would ask as many fairies as we could what their favourite things about being fairies are – and then we counted all the answers
to give you (and Sam of course!) a Top 10 of the most popular answers. So without further ado… let’s find out!

10. Knowing Santa!

While the man in the red suit isn’t usually on our minds too much at the end of January, that’s not the case for our fairy friends, who visit him all year
long! “Santa is the nicest man EVER”, says fairy Bertie. “Well… that might be obvious, but he really is! He loves to have a chat, and always appreciates
when we collect the dawn and dusk sparkles from the snow, because this helps him to power his sleigh on the big day in December!” Did you know that
Santa spends a little extra time in the homes who have fairies? This is so he can catch up with your fairy! Maybe you could ask your fairy what they
spoke about a few weeks ago?

9. Being small!

This one might seem strange to us humans, because when we’re young, we want to be bigger! But fairies actually love being small. “You see”, says fairy
Trixie, who lives in New Mexico, USA, “being small means we can hide really easily, and fit into tiny little spaces which really helps when we think
we might be seen by humans! Of course, if that happened, we would lose some of our magic!” Fairies do like to grow a little bit though, because this
means they are loved by their humans! Thankfully, their growth will definitely stop before they’re too big to use their fairy door!!

8. Fairy Valley!

Not too surprising to see this in the Top 10! We humans unfortunately can never visit Fairy Valley, but it must be the most magical place ever! Fairy Kimba
tells us we’re right… “Oh I just LOVE coming back to the Valley! My human home is in Tipperary in Ireland, and because Fairy Valley is right in the
centre of Ireland, this means I’m quite close, so I can pop in quite often. I love doing my shopping on Lavender Lane, having a nice cup of nettle
tea in Calista’s Cloud Cafe and catching up with my friends on Mushroom Mound. And of course, I visit Nordman, the friendly giant who guards the Family
Tree, which is where all fairies and magical creatures come from!” Maybe you could suggest to your fairy they can have a few days off duty to visit
the Valley? Remember, fairies pay for things with high-fives, so they won’t need to bring any money!

7. Being friends with animals!

Fairies love animals – and vice versa – so we weren’t at all surprised to see this at Number 7. Fairy Shimmershine told us: “My human family has three
cats and two dogs and a guinea pig and a goldfish and then some other animals that they don’t really know about like Susan the Spider, and we all have
great fun when the humans are asleep! We often have piggyback races. Imagine seeing a spider on a guinea pig’s back, a cat on the big dog’s back and
a fairy on the little dog’s back running from one end of the room to another?? Well that’s what happens! Goldie the goldfish is the referee – he stays
in his bowl though, for obvious reasons!” Thank goodness for that!

6. Watching dreams!

Fairies just love watching their humans’ dreams. “We can’t really go to the movies”, says fairy Velma, “Well, sometimes we sneak along with our humans…
But this is even better – our humans’ dreams play like a movie on the ceiling and I love nothing more than sitting on my human Ava’s pillow, munching
a raisin, and seeing what she got up to that day while I was asleep! And of course, whenever a bad dream breeze sneaks into the room, I blow it away!
When I do that and see Ava smile while she’s sleeping, it’s the best feeling ever!” We are lucky to have fairies to blow away bad dreams, don’t you

5. Collecting teeth!

Into the Top 5 now! As we know, there are fairies whose job is just to be Tooth Fairies for children all over the world. But when you have a fairy in your
home, that’s who collects your teeth! When one of yours falls out, your fairy often brings it into their own tiny fairy home and puts it on display,
because they’re so proud of you. “We know how precious these teeth are”, says Fairy Mariah, “because they hold lots of memories of our humans’ childhoods,
so we look after them forever!” And even if your old teeth are kept somewhere else in your home, your fairy will make sure to clean them and protect
them, with a sprinkle of fairy magic!

4. Flying!

At Number 4, it’s something that lots of humans would love to do. In fact, whenever we ask someone if there’s something fairies can do that they would
like to do… they say flying! And our fairy friends tell us it’s just as great as we think. “Flying is awesome”, says fairy Ben, who lives with a
human family in Yorkshire, England. “There’s nothing like the feeling of swooping through the air with the wind in your face and the sun on your back!
I would love to be able to make my humans Harry and Lily fly… maybe one day I’ll come up with the right kind of magic dust!” Wouldn’t that be amazing?!
We hope you do, Ben!

3. Being magic!

This is another skill that we would definitely like to have! Of course, while all fairies are magical, they have to practice very hard at Fairy School
and make sure they learn all about the different kinds of spells they can do! “It’s like humans at Human School”, says fairy Kai, who lives in New
Zealand. “Oh I think they just call it school? Anyway if you want to be good at something you just have to practice and practice and then you will
be! Recently my human made me some new potions with their Magic Dust Mixing Set, so I can’t wait to try them out!” Why not ask your fairy what their
favourite magic spell is?

2. Taking worries away!

So, the second most popular answer was taking worries away! We think this is really nice as it shows how much our fairies care about us. “I don’t like
seeing my human Ella sad”, says fairy Twinkle, “and even though I do by best to blow away her bad dream breezes, I know she worries about things when
she’s awake too. So when she uses her Worry Plaque at home, or her No More Worries Kit at school or when she’s out playing, I’m so happy to be able
to take those worries away! All fairies can take worries away if they’re nearby, but it means a lot when I can do it for her – she’s my human and I
just love to see her happy!” Worries are normal of course, and even though fairies can help take them away, always try to talk about them to a grown-up
you trust, if you can.

1. Living with our humans!

And here it is, the thing fairies love most about being fairies: living with their humans!! Isn’t it cool that we are more important to our fairies than
flying, or magic, or any of the other answers?! Every fairy who was surveyed mentioned their humans, and spoke about the special magical bond they
share. “I just love looking after my human”, says fairy Pop who lives in County Louth in Ireland. “It’s the best feeling ever when he writes me a note
or draws me a picture and I hope that, as he grows up, he will always keep the excitement and wonder of fairy magic in his heart. And long after he
has stopped losing his teeth, I will be helping to keep him safe and happy, even though he can’t see me!”

We think that’s a great Number 1! Thank you to all the fairies who took part in this survey. Why not ask your magical friend in a note what their favourite
things about being your fairy are?? We would love to hear what they say – you can send it to us at [email protected]!

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