DIY Fairy Fitness & Detox Kit

Fairy Detox Kit Fairy Detox Kit (705 KB)

Just like us humans, your fairy loves a bit of a health kick in January! So with that in mind, we’ve come up with the
perfect fitness and detox kit for your magical little friend to make sure they’re fit and healthy and ready for another year of magical fun! It includes
a fairy trampoline, a skipping rope and a delicious fairy-sized detox smoothie!

You should be able to find everything you need around your home and we think your fairy will be delighted!! Have fun!

Fairy Trampoline

What you need:

1 square of cling film

1 deep jar lid (chocolate spread, peanut butter or honey lids are best!)

Pull cling film tightly over the open side of the jar lid and keep it in place with the rubber band or the Sellotape. That’s your trampoline finished!

Fairy Skipping Rope

What you need:

A rubber band or some sticky tape

A small piece of string

Two small balls of Blu-Tack

Mould the Blu-Tack around both ends of piece of string. Roll each one the edge of a table to make it into a skipping rope handle. That’s your skipping
rope and the exercise equipment finished!

Fairy Detox Smoothie

What you need:

An apple slice

3 blueberries

1 raspberry

1 sports bottle lid for a cup (make sure there aren’t any holes in it!!)

1 Cheerio (for decoration)

Step 1:

Take all 3 blueberries and mash them with your fingers. (It is essential that this is done with clean human hands. Fairies can taste the difference.)

Step 2:

Take away the skins and scoop the blueberry mash into the fairy cup.


Next take 10 raspberry bubbles from the outside of the raspberry and add them to the fairy cup. (Don’t panic if they pop, they do that a lot!)


Squeeze the apple slice over the fairy cup, adding the juice to the raspberry bubbles and mashed blueberry. (Make sure to put the fairy cup on a plate
to catch any other juice.) You don’t need much, just a few drops!

Step 5:

Mash all of it with the end of a teaspoon 5 times. Stir to the right 2 times and the left 3 times and decorate the cup with a Cheerio!

And that’s it! Leave it all outside your fairy’s door and they will be fabulously fit and detoxed within the week!