NOV How fairies take worries away…

We must say a big thanks to a fairy named Binky Boo Boo for helping us come up with an idea to help with worries in people big and small. Let us tell you
exactly what he did…

Binky lives with a little girl called Ava who is eight and a half years old. Ava was a big worrier – she worried about being liked by her friends, she
worried about them deciding they didn’t like her anymore, she worried about what she wore and how she sounded. She worried about not knowing something
in school and how she would look in front of her friends if they knew. She worried about swimming and she worried about football. Ava just worried
and worried and worried.

She often wrote to her fairy Binky to explain all these things and Binky would do his best to try help her forget them. Binky knew that Ava needed to let
go of her worries and enjoy being carefree and full of fun. He wondered long and hard about what he could do to help.

One day, after a lot of thinking, Binky remembered some woodland fairies he knew and how they guarded something called a Worry Plaque, deep in the wood.
This special plaque was connected to a tree where one very magical fairy lived. If a human placed a hand on it and called to mind their worries – no
matter what they were – the fairy would be able to hear the worries and take them away.

Unfortunately, this was the only such plaque in existence and Binky and Ava lived much too far from the wood for them to pay it a visit. Suddenly, Binky
had another idea. He contacted the Fairy Discovery Centre in Fairy Valley straight away.

After weeks of hearing nothing, Binky was delighted to receive a note from Klaus, who is the Head Fairy in the Fairy Discovery Centre. He told Binky how
intriguing he found his human Ava and also how Binky had sparked an idea when he had suggested they develop a Worry Plaque. It wasn’t long before Ava
received a box in the mail from Fairy Valley and inside it, she found her very own Worry Plaque, full of fairy magic!

Although Binky had explained to Ava that she could give her worries away to the fairies, she did not quite believe she could do it until the day her Worry
Plaque arrived. Binky explained in a note that when Ava lay her hand on the plaque it glowed red, showing that Binky could hear her worries for himself
and then it glowed green when Binky had taken those worries away.

Ava tried it for herself and was delighted to see that when she thought of her worries her hand glowed red and then turned to green, meaning Binky had
taken them away! Binky watched Ava through his magic keyhole and each time she used the Plaque, Binky felt a little tickly buzz. Instantly he could
feel Ava letting go of the things she had been worrying about. It made Binky so very happy to see his human finally giving away all her worries.

Later that night, Ava wrote to Binky to ask him one question.

“What do fairies do with worries?”

And this was Binky’s reply:

“Well, it’s really a very magical thing: we are able to grind worries down into a super-fine fairy dust which is then used to grant wishes”

Worrying can be really difficult and can often leave you feeling exhausted, so being able to give them away is a special development, and we must congratulate
Klaus and all the fairies at the Fairy Discovery Centre in Fairy Valley for this breakthrough!

Binky has told us that Ava feels a lot better about things these days. Of course, she still thinks about some things a little too much but she has her
Worry Plaque to help her when she needs it.

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