Let’s play our Memory Game!!

We love games here at Fairy HQ – and so do our fairy friends! So why not play our BrainBox game? It’s available in all good toy shops now, and comes with
48 colourful cards to play with, magic fairy dust and even some fairy stickers! You can watch Siobhéal play it in the video above, or you can try it
yourself below! The rules are:

  • Look at the picture for ten seconds.
  • Roll a die to see which question you need to answer (if you don’t have one right now you can just pick a number between 1 and 6!) 
  • Ask a friend or family member to ask you the question – no peeking at the picture again!
  • If you answer the question correctly, you get a point.
  • The person with the most points at the end WINS!
Try these out!

1. What colour is the fairy door?

2. Does the picture on the wall show one or two flamingos?

3. Can you see any stepping stones?

4. How many flamingos are on the bunting?

5. Are all the flamingos standing up?

6. Is there a flower on the door?

1. Can you see a bee or a butterfly?

2. What colour is the mail box?

3. What animal can you see by the tree?

4. How many fairy doors can you see?

5. Is there a ladybird or an ant by the tree stump? 

6. Is anyone sitting on the park bench? 

1. How many keys can you see?

2. Which creatures are on the key ring?

3. What colour is the fairy door?

4. Is the caterpillar yellow or green?

5. Are all the keys the same size?

6. Is the key ring on a wooden floor or on grass?

1. How many ducks can you see?

2. As well as ducks, what other creature can you see?

3. What colour is the fairy door?

4. Are all the ducks swimming in the same direction?

5. Can you see any stepping stones?

6. Are all the creatures in the water?

1. What colour is the toothbrush?

2. Is the lid on the toothpaste?

3. Can you see anyone in the mirror?

4. Is the mirror oval or square?

5. What colour is the soap?

6. Is the towel orange or blue?

1. Is there a hat or a flag above the door?

2. Can you see a clock or a picture on the wall?

3. What colour is the fairy door?

4. Is the jar with the key upright or on its side?

5. Can you see a suitcase or a backpack?

6. Is there a flower on the fairy door?

We hope you enjoyed testing our BrainBox game!! For the full fun experience, the game is available right now in all good toy stores!