Leaf Surfing

Autumn is in the air for some of us and we thought with the beautiful leaves turning and falling from the trees, it was the perfect time to let you all
know about the latest sporting craze spreading through Fairy Valley – it’s called Leaf Surfing!

Arthur, the Head Fairy for Events & Activities contacted us by fairy mail the other day to let us know all about it. Read on to hear what he has to

Hello all in Fairy HQ! I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful autumn colours in the trees. We certainly love this time of the year in Fairy Valley. Just the other day in fact, Nelly, a particularly adventurous fairy who is in her second year of Fairy School discovered a most enjoyable pastime, which has quickly caught on here: leaf surfing.

It was during break time one day that Nelly and her friends were out flying about when a pointed leaf glided past her on its way to the ground. Nelly says she thought instantly how much fun it would be to attempt to stand and glide down on top of the leaf. She fluttered her wings and landed on the leaf and managed to stay upright until the leaf slid across the ground. As you can imagine, her fairy friends were amazed at how she did this and all were very eager to have a go for themselves. The trend has quickly caught on and fairies all over the Valley are leaf surfing as I write!

The idea is to surf a falling leaf and attempt to land upright on it when it hits the ground. Use of your wings is not encouraged as essentially you would be flying not surfing.

I thought I should share this with you as it has become so popular here in the Valley! The International Fairy Council are considering making it a legitimate sport for fairies in the Winter Fairylympics!

Perhaps you could share this delightful pastime with your community of believers? Fairies everywhere can enjoy this, especially in the parts of this world where many leaves are falling from the trees.

For the fairies who like speed, pointed leaves are said to have a faster pace whereas those just looking to enjoy a glide are advised to pick rounded, wider leaves.

I look forward to seeing this sport spread far and wide – after all, fairies love nothing more than to rest from work for a short while and play.

Your friend,

Doesn’t this sound fun? Why not let your fairy know how enjoyable it can be to catch a lift on a falling leaf? If your fairy is very busy you could always
collect super-fast (pointy) leaves and some slower ones (wider and rounder) and leave them outside your fairy door with a little note explaining this
new super cool, exciting fairy sport sweeping Fairy Valley.


We have a feeling your fairy will really enjoy it! Be sure to let us know.


Leaf Surfing Leaf Surfing (686 KB)

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